Where was Squid Game filmed?

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Squid Game is one of Netflix's latest sensations and is one of the most-watched shows on the streaming platform. With the frequent posts of reels and memes about the show, most of us would have had a binge session. After watching the series, most of us would have been intrigued by the visuals and locations. If you are one of us, we have made a list of locations where the series was shot at.

If you haven't seen the series or you are in the middle of the series, we suggest you look away because of spoilers. Do check out the trailer if you haven't watched it yet.



Squid Game is known for its larger-than-life visuals. The sets are so eye-catching the viewers might wonder where it was filmed. Most of us would think they used tons of CGI to create its locations. They were actually filmed on real-life sets in the city of Daejeon. It's known as Asia’s Silicon Valley and is also one of South Korea’s major cities. It consists of a high volume of high-tech research universities and companies in the area. The city is known as a center for arts and culture and currently has a booming entertainment sector.

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Seongapdo Island, Incheon

Right after the Red Light Green Light game, the viewers come to know the whole competition takes place on an island. Ardent fans of the show have been trying to find which island this is. Thanks to the power of the internet, the netizens have found that this Squid Game island is Seongapdo in Ongjin-gun, Incheon. Since the island is in the shape of a crescent, most of the fans would love to visit it.

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Seongapdo is a semi-uninhabited island, with a population of four people. However, on checking out the travel for the island we found that there are no proper means of transport at regular intervals. But there are many islands off the coast of Incheon that are tourist friendly.

Ssangmun-dong, Seoul

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Of all the episodes in Squid Game, the Gganbu episode is arguably the most heartbreaking of all. Among the chaos in the series, there was a familiar setup, it was a small neighborhood named Ssangmun-dong, a district of Dobong-gu in Seoul. Fun fact: Ssangmun-dong is also where the protagonist, Gi-hun is originally from. The shop of Sang-woo’s mother, a seafood place, is also located in Baekwoon's traditional market. After the release of the series, Ssangmun-dong has become a tourism hotspot. The place is famous for its food market where you can taste some finger-licking classic Korean street food such as tteokbokki and Korean fried chicken.

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Incheon International Airport

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The series finale has made sure that the story continues, and the protagonist is up for more action, and this time he knows the play. Spoilers ahead: we see Gi-hun at the airport with the game’s calling card in his hand after snatching it earlier. The airport is actually the Incheon International Airport, which is South Korea’s largest airport and also the main gateway for all tourists coming in and out of the country.


Q. What are the six games in Squid Game?

A. Round 1: Red Light, Green Light.

Round 2: Dalgona/Ppopgi.

Round 3: Tug Of War.

Round 4: Marbles.

Round 5: The Glass Tile Game.

Final Round: Squid Game.

Q. Who was Player 001?

A. Player 001's name is Oh Il-Nam, and he tells Gi-hun this before he faked his death.

Q. Why did the old man create Squid Game?

A. In the last episode, the character reveals that he is filthy rich. He was unhappy having everything and so he created the game to have some “fun”.