Where to watch 'Love Life' Season 2? Release date, cast and more about HBO's dramedy

Still from HBO's Love Life (Image via HBO Max)
Still from HBO's Love Life (Image via HBO Max)

HBO Max is back with another season of the fan-favorite dramedy, Love Life. Created by Sam Boyd and narrated by Lesley Manville, the 10-episode show will follow a different protagonist in the second installment.

The premise of the show follows a different person every season, from their very first romance to their last. The upcoming season is said to shift its focus from Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick) to Marcus Watkins (William Jackson Harper).

Here's everything viewers need to know about HBO Max's Love Life Season 2.

When will 'Love Life' Season 2 release?

The second season of Love Life will premiere officially on October 28, but with only the first three episodes. They will be followed by 3 more episodes the week after and so on, with the final episodes dropping on November 11 on HBO Max.

The official synopsis for Love Life Season 2 reads:

"Season 2 focuses on Marcus Watkins. After his marriage unexpectedly implodes, Marcus is forced to rebuild his life brick by brick, hoping to find a love that will last, once and for all.”

Love Life Season 2 is led by Season 1 showrunners Sam Boyd and Bridget Bedard, as well as writer Rachelle Williams. Based on the lead character of this season, the show is making one of the biggest shifts in perspectives, from a straight-out-of-college girl to a married man in his thirties.

'Love Life' Season 2 Trailer


The teaser for the second installment of Love Life was released last month followed by the official trailer dropping earlier this month. The trailer for this season does show Anna Kendrick as an occasional guest star, but will solely focus on Marcus.

As seen in the trailer, Marcus is coming off a divorce but remains committed to a long-term relationship. He’s looking for a love much like his parents, but that comes with challenges, especially in today's day and age.

The show also stars Jessica Williams, Punkie Johnson, Chris Powell, Arian Moayed, Leslie Bibb, and John Earl Jelks, with Keith David as the narrator.

'Love Life' Season 2: What can fans expect?

The first season of Love Life had more of a rom-com meet-cute approach where everything was fine. It had a not-so-happy ending as it focused on a 20-something-year-old woman looking for love around the city. As such, it deviated away from the feel-good aspect of the show towards the end.

The second season can be expected to have a completely different approach compared to the season prior as it deals with real grown up issues one faces. The trailer for the same revealed that Darby is still connected to Marcus since she also attended his wedding.

This highlights the fact that no matter how big the city might be, people will keep running into each other, even if they aren't connected on a deeper level.

Love Life Season 2 will be available to stream on HBO Max and Hotstar from October 28 with 3 new episodes every week.

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