Who is Anastasiia Lenna? Former Miss Grand Ukraine joins fight against Russia

Ukrainian model Anastasiia Lenna posing with a rifle (Image via Instagram/anastasiia.lenna)
Ukrainian model Anastasiia Lenna posing with a rifle (Image via Instagram/anastasiia.lenna)

On February 22, model Anastasiia Lenna claimed to have joined the country’s military resistance. The beauty queen posted pictures on her Instagram with an AR-15 rifle, when she was presumably patrolling the streets.

The model seems to have extensive training with weapons and airsoft rifles according to her Instagram pictures. Throughout the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Lenna has posted multiple anti-war posts on her Instagram and praised the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

On Saturday, in one of her Instagram stories, the model wrote,

“Everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed!”

From her Instagram posts, she appears to be with the Ukrainian forces, defending the capital city of Kyiv.

What is known about Anastasiia Lenna?


Lenna is best known for representing Ukraine in the 2015 Miss Grand International beauty contest. The 30 something model graduated from Kiev Slavistik University with a marketing and management degree after five years of coursework.

Following her graduation, Anastasiia Lenna reportedly worked as a public relations manager. She reportedly also worked as a translator and is adept in five languages. Furthermore, Lenna recently worked in Istanbul as a model turned actress and a TV personality, hosting multiple shows.

Lenna also has her own musical show titled, World TOP 10, on Genç TV. While elaborating on her qualities and inspiration on her Miss Grand International profile, the model wrote,

“God give me this beauty for a reason. So I use it all the ways. Acting and TV hosting. People listen to me and come to talk to me. Some kind of way I can find a good relationship with everybody.”

In the profile, Anastasiia Lenna talked about the ongoing conflict,

“I think to stop the war, this is what our world needs now. So many conflicts are useless. I think the idea is great and will support it. Now the situation in Ukraine is getting worse, so I am also upset about what is happening in the whole world.”

Lenna is a prolific airsoft shooter who has self-proclaimed herself as a “military girl.” This insinuates that the model may have received significant military training. However, it does not seem that Lenna is directly in the firefight, according to her Instagram post where she can be seen in a tent in Kyiv.

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