Who are MrBeast’s best friends?

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Jimmy “MrBeast'' Donaldson has Chandler Hallow and Chris Tyson, who work with him and are his childhood friends. The rest of the members of the crew are Karl Jacobs and Nolan Hansen of the MrBeast Channel.

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Five people including MrBeast and the rest of the crew, consisting of cameramans, editors, neighbours and other friends and family are viewed as affiliates. But, the collective name is “Beast Gang”, though it is rarely mentioned. Mr.Beast’s videos often consist of large scale stunts and challenges, even some of them involving money.

To handle such a huge operation, Jimmy employs a legion of writers and editors to work with him, among others. In the words of Chris, the production of a video is too huge for them to rush an idea, thus, they take a lot of effort and time to think it through and then create a video.

Chris added, “if we pull the trigger on a video and we start moving on it, some of our videos can cost upwards of $60,000 to film and if you scrap a $50,000 to $60,000 video, that’s a big loss".

However, the gang is pretty well known for their philanthropic activities; Team Trees Fundraiser raised $20 million in a span of two months, for Arbor Day Foundation, which plants a tree for every dollar donated. Such an act brought regard to Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, along with PewDiePie and Jeffree Star.

Who is Mr.Beast?

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Jimmy Donaldson is a twenty four year old highest paid YouTuber (100 million subscribers) with the fifth most subscribed channel on the platform. What started as a basic video uploading channel in 2012 about intros, discussions and gaming, became a brand and a production company having around 100 highly paid employees by 2022. Mr.Beast channel picked up the pace with stunt videos and challenges in 2016-17. His friends played a major role in helping him out and thus all of them grew together.

Who is Chris Tyson?

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Chris Tyson (2.7 million followers) is Jimmy’s childhood friend and is twenty six years old; Chris helped Jimmy in making videos since the time they were in highschool, in a way Chris and Jimmy together started Mr.Beast Channel. Chris is often seen in the videos as a co-host. Chris is the main host of another channel “Beast React”, which revolves around Jimmy’s and Chris’s reaction to experiments, pranks and other kinds of videos.

However, his image as a public figure was greatly disturbed with few allegations last year, regarding his tweets from the year 2017. But he later apologised for hurting minorities through his insensitive uploads.

Who is Chandler Hallow?

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Jimmy revealed in one of his videos with Kwebbelkop, that Chandler Hallow was his janitor in the “We Are Better Than Dude Perfect” titled video in 2018. But, his likeable and expressive appearance made him appear more frequently (3.5 million followers), has six siblings and is twenty three years old and have appeared in a lot of videos of Mr.Beast after 2018.

Recently a fake article was published claiming that Chandler Hallow was shot dead, which was instantly and hilariously handled by Chandler’s Twitter handle, “Just found out I died” and the joke went on among other members of the Beast Gang.

Who is Karl Jacobs?

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Karl Jacobs A.K.A GamerBoyKarl (4.4 million followers) is a twenty four years old content creator. He created an anthology series in the Dream SMP Minecraft Server, he also co-hosts podcasts with YouTuber Sapnap and others. Karl participated in challenges and earned through them, he joined Mr.Beast in 2017 and was promoted to a major crew member after Jake Franklin’s resignation.

Jake Franklin A.K.A Jake, The Viking resigned from Beast Gang in 2020, because of the restrictions on free time, he is still friends with Jimmy and claimed to have “No Bad Blood among them”.

Who is Nolan Hansen?

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Nolan Hansen is a twenty four year old and the newest member of Beast Gang, joined in late 2021. He initially appeared in “I spent $1,000,000 on lottery tickets” video and then became a recurring member in Mr.Beast’s videos. Before his direct association with Mr.Beast, he had his own channel, which goes by the name “TrendCrave”.

Earlier, he was one of the members of the Beast crew, but, there have been certain speculations that he grew closer to Jimmy after dating his sister, Anna.


Q. How many channels do Mr.Beast own?

A. 7 channels, namely, Mr.Beast, Beast Reacts, Mr.Beast Gaming, Mr.Beast Shorts, Beast Philanthropy, Don’t Subscribe and Mr.Beast Extra.

Q. Are there other ventures or sources of income for Mr.Beast?

A. Jimmy earns through his advertisements, sponsorships and merchandise from ShopMrBeast and from MrBeast Burger.

Q. What other fundraiser’s have MrBeast organised?

A. Team Trees for Arbor Day Foundation and Team Seas for Ocean Conservancy and the Ocean Clean up, are the major fundraisers, which raised $23 million and $30 million, respectively.

Q. How to join Beast Gang?

A. You can apply from their website i.e. mrbeastjob.com for editors, content creators, writers etc. But, to be a part of the gang will need a lot of hard work and a bit of luck. As the position of Tyson and Hallow cannot be given, rest have been seen to change.

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