Who dies in Alice in Borderland?

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In “Alice in Borderland” (both seasons), close to 21 characters died: Saori Shibuki, Chota Segawa, Daikichi Karube, Takeru Danma, Momaka Inoue, Takatora Samura, Asahi Kujo, Kyuma, Shitara, Uta, Goken, Maki, Enji Matsushita, Kodai Tatta, Shiga Kotoko, Ippei Oki, Kaito Kameyama, Shirabi, Lisa, Kuzuryu, and Mira Kano.

You will experience an extreme reality in "Alice in Borderland" that will make you wonder about your sanity and patience. In this series, people inhabit a dimension that is distinct from our reality and is run by "Game Masters," who design fatal games to decide who will return to the real world. To obtain visas and extend their lives, each person must participate in these games and succeed in doing so.

These players will then need to find additional games to extend their time in the gaming realm. The person will be put to death if they lose the game or don't show up for it. The brutal challenges that players must overcome involve bloodshed and the loss of loved ones. The person will be put to death if they lose the game or don't show up for it.

Well, some deaths are mysterious, while others have obvious causes. Even though these games were deadly, they shaped the overall well-being and nature of these characters, giving each one of the characters in this series a painful past to portray. These games gave some players the chance to rob and murder others in ways that suited them. Everything ultimately came down to returning home as the only option.

Below is a list of significant characters who have passed away:

The Trio - Karube, Chota and Shibuki

In Alice in Borderland episode three, Karube (Keita Machida), Saori Shibuki (Ayame Misaki), and Chota (Yuki Morinaga) pass away. When Arisu, Karube and Chota first play Dead or Alive, Shibuki is introduced to them, and they quickly form an uneasy alliance that lasts until their first game of hearts. The only players in the Seven of Hearts game, also known as hide and seek, in Episode 3 are Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), Karube, Chota, and Shibuki.

Each player must put on a headset that identifies their position in the game, either wolf or lamb. The objective of the game is to win as the wolf, killing every lamb. The player must look the current wolf in the eyes in order to transform into the wolf. Shibuki quickly overtakes Karube as the wolf, despite the fact that she initially assumed that role by tricking everyone into looking at her. Karube eventually succeeds in reclaiming the position, though. Arisu steals the wolf from him and hides in an attempt to find a solution to a game design that kills all but one of the players.

Karube and Chota make the decision to give their lives in order to save their friend, realizing that they don't have much longer and that Arisu won't be able to reason his way out of the predicament. Shibuki is also restrained by Chota so that she cannot pursue Arisu. When the game is over and their headsets blow up, all three of them pass away simultaneously.

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Hatter - Takeru Danma

Hatter made his debut in "Alice in Borderland" season 1's fifth episode. For those seeking to re-enter society as it was meant to be, he established his community. He gave it the name "The Beach." People from all over the world joined his community with the intention of staying if things went well. His primary goal was to amass all the cards after each game or battle was won.

Hatter was killed by his best friend Aguni after he turned his back on him and became a part of a massive conspiracy. To win the game, Hatter decided to kill Aguni, but Aguni fired back to defend himself. Later, it was discovered that drug addicts and alcoholics gravitated toward the Beach. People partied everywhere and were powerless to stop themselves.

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Momoka's passing was depicted in "Alice in Borderland" season 1's seventh episode. The witch stabbed Momoka in the "ten of hearts" witch hunt game's next level, The Beach. In order to win this game, players had to track down the murderer and burn him in the fire of judgment. In the end, it became clear that Momoka was really the witch.

She was one of the game dealers, so she decided to stab herself. Momoka and her friend Asahi had created numerous games and ensured that several people were killed. She made the decision to give up her life so Asahi could return to his regular life.

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Before entering this world, Tatta was a mechanic and he endured ridicule from his coworkers for the entirety of his journey because he didn't do his job well. Tatta was tasked with guarding the team's base, and it was his responsibility to keep the opposing team from touching the player's base.

Since Kyuma's team attacked him simultaneously, Tatta was unable to stop them, allowing them to take the lead in the game. With no other option, Tatta made the decision to amputate his hand and give the bracelet to Arisu in order to increase his chances of receiving points from the Kyuma team, and thus died from blood loss.

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Ginji Kyuma

Along with his four bandmates, Ginji Kyuma (Tomohisa Yamashita), also known as the nudist King of Clubs, was transported to Borderland. Kyuma and his friends decided to stay behind and took control of the King of Clubs game after winning all the numbered and face card games.

After Arisu, with the aid of Tatta's bracelet, is able to steal all of Kyuma's points, Kyuma and the three remaining members of his band meet their demise. Four laser beams are fired from the sky after Arisu and his team are declared the winners, eliminating Kyuma, Kanzaki (Eita Okuno), Kisaragi (Alisa Urahama), and Maki (Eishin).

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Enji Matsushita

At the same time that Matsushita manipulates people to carry out his agenda, he poses as someone who is understanding and supportive. As soon as it became clear that he was the Jack of Hearts, Banda and another player by the name of Yaba made the brutal decision to kill him in order to learn more about this universe. In order to complete the Jack of Hearts game, Chishiya, Banda, and Yaba had to corner Jack and kill him.

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Lisa (Chihiro Yamamoto), the Queen of Spades, is killed by laser after losing in her own game, a 16-round game of tag between teams, in a manner similar to Enji and Kyuma's. Although she initially succeeds in winning over the majority of the opposition, Arisu and Usagi ultimately turn the tide of the battle by persuading all of Lisa's allies to switch sides, leaving the Queen to perish by herself.

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In the second season of Borderland, Alice reveals that Mira (Riisa Naka) was not the only Borderlander who pretended to be a regular member of Hatter's executive board. Kuzuryu, a former attorney who was outraged by the lack of ethics in his profession, was also acting falsely. Chishiya quickly learns that Kuzuryu was actually the King of Diamonds, a cruel game show host who hosts a game called Beauty Contest in which contestants must guess numbers between 0 and 100 in order to earn points. With an acid bath, the losers are put to death.

In the final round of the game, where he competes against Chishiya alone, Kuzuryu ultimately meets his end. Chishiya decides to tell Kuzuryu his choice of number rather than keep it a secret so that he can make an educated choice. Kuzuryu offers himself in sacrifice after having his faith in people restored, allowing Chishiya to continue.

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Shirabi, the King of Spades, was a powerful individual who was easily overcome by any obstacle in his way. Aguni collaborated with Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, Ann, and Akane to murder him because he had always wanted to do so. They were hurt by Shirabi. Aguni was able to lure him into a pharmacy and blow up the entire establishment with Chishiya's bomb.

Arisu and Aguni were ultimately spared from the explosion; Shirabi was hurt, but even the force of the impact didn't kill him. His entire life flashed before his eyes as he handed Aguni his gun. Prior to this, Shirabi was forced to make a difficult decision: he had to kill his friend Apache. Shirabi always felt bad for what he did, and he told Apache that the only way to save him was to kill him.


Mira meets Arisu and Usagi for a game of croquet, as is appropriate for the Queen of Hearts. After the first game, Mira invites her rivals over for tea and keeps trying to persuade them that they are delusional.

When she explains to Arisu that he lost his memory following the deaths of Karube and Chota in a hit-and-run in Shibuya and that he and Usagi are actually patients at a mental hospital, she almost breaks him. However, Usagi is able to make Arisu realize her error by severing her own wrist. Mira allows Arisu and Usagi to win the game and is then killed by a laser after being moved by how much they care for one another.

Source: Screengrab from the series Alice in Borderland


Q. Who directed the Alice in Borderland series?

A. Shinsuke Sato was the director of Alice in Borderland.

Q. What is the Alice in Borderland series about?

A. The plot centers on Arisu who becomes trapped in a different dimension of Tokyo and learns that he must engage in risky games in order to survive.

Q. Where can I watch Alice in Borderland?

A. Alice in Borderland can be streamed on Netflix.