Who is Rip on Yellowstone?

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Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, is a ranch hand at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and Beth Dutton's husband. He works like John Dutton's executor when it comes to safeguarding the ranch.

Rip Wheeler soon became a favorite among Yellowstone fans. He's hard and harsh, but he's got a sweet side to him when it comes to Beth. Rip has been a big part of the show since season one.

What happened to Rip Wheeler's family?

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Rip's life started relatively regularly, as he was raised with his family on a pig farm in Montana. When Rip and his brother were young, his parents got divorced. However, on 14 July 1997, Rip’s life changed forever. As he lived on the farm with his mother and brother, his violent step dad came back to destroy his family. During the attack, after becoming unconscious, Rip woke up and found his brother dead on the floor and his stepdad stabbing his mother. Rip managed to kill his stepdad by breaking his skull with a frying pan. Later, Rip was found asleep in a barn with blood all over it. Rather than report it, John gave Rip a second chance. He picked him up as a ranch hand, and Rip became a Dutton family member.

Who plays Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone?

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Rip is played by Cole Hauser, an American actor born on March 22, 1975, in Santa Barbara, California. He claims that Rip was his favorite character in his career as an actor. Prior to filming, Hauser took part in the Cowboy Camp to better prepare for his role as Rip.

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Kyle Red Silverstein plays the young Rip in flashback scenes. He is most famous for his performance as Ethan Dawson in Grey's Anatomy. Silverstein was born in Los Angeles, California, on 21 May 2002.

How old is Rip Wheeler?

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Rip has no legal record in the show. After John finds Rip, John wipes him off the public record to protect him from identification in his stepfather's murder, which means he hasn't got a birth certificate. So we can assume he's probably 40. Although we don't know the year, Beth said his birthday would be September 28th. When Rip made a new start at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, he left behind his former life, including ignoring his birthday.


Q. How tall is Rip Wheeler?

A. Rip Wheeler’s height is 6ft 1/2 inches.

Q. Is Rip of Yellowstone married in the real world?

A. Yes. Cole Hauser, who plays Rip, is happily married to Cynthia Daniel, a professional photographer and former actress. She is most famous for her role in Sweet Valley High in the late '90s. The pair married in 2006.

Q. Who is Young Rip Wheeler?

A. Kyle Red Silverstein plays the young Rip in flashback scenes.