Who are Tracy, Bryan and Jayne? The future of the "I Love a Mama's Boy" trio

The "I Love a Mama's Boy" trio (Image via TLC)
The "I Love a Mama's Boy" trio (Image via TLC)
Ingrid Vasquez

Season two of I Love a Mama's Boy is back and Tracy, Bryan and Jayne are a trio to meet. I Love a Mama's Boy is a TLC original series that chronicles the dynamics between a couple balancing their growing relationship with a mother who cannot help but intervene. The second season will showcase the journeys of four different couples. Here is more of what to expect from Tracy, Bryan and Jayne.

Who are Tracy, Bryan and Jayne from "I Love a Mama's Boy"?


This season, Tracy and Bryan are in the middle of planning a honeymoon. Bryan's mother Jayne, who is being asked to care for the children, is not doing so and is instead disrupting the family dynamic. Jayne is claiming the honeymoon as her personal vacation, after deciding to tag along and witness the couple's intimate moments. She is also causing friction between the two after they finally decided to go through with their wedding. The couple have been together for over ten years.

Tracy contemplates setting boundaries for her mother-in-law, but ultimately allows her to come on the honeymoon and does not spend time alone with her new husband. Bryan always makes it clear that he is loyal to his mother and adds to the tension. Fans will find Tracy spending most of her time carrying off the children while Jayne is left unaware of the trouble she is creating for the couple by being overbearing.

The future for the family on "I Love a Mama's Boy"

Tracy, Bryan and Jane are one of the most dynamic pairings on season two of I Love a Mama's Boy. With Tracy and Bryan's relationship now past their honeymoon, they are surely a couple to watch out for.

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