Why did Jim Parsons leave 'The Big Bang Theory'?

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Jim Parsons took the tough decision of walking out of the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory as he felt it was “innately that it was time” and that he realized there were many other things to do in life.

Many reasons collectively resulted in Jim deciding to part ways with his most loved character Sheldon Cooper. From his 'intense summer' while traveling to perform a broadway to his being heartbroken after his dog's death and dealing with a foot injury.

It was finally him getting a moment of clarity from reflecting on his dad's death that made him act upon leaving the show. While appearing on the "David Tennant Does a Podcast With..." Parsons opened up on these reasons and finally explained that while leaving the show he told: "Big Bang" writers Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro that "if you told me that like my father I had 6 years left to live, I think there's other things I need to try and do."

Who is Jim Parsons?

Born on March 24, 1973, Jim Joseph Parsons is an American actor who is known for his role as Sheldon Cooper in the hit sitcoms The Big Bang Theory. The actor won several awards for his role and was later in 2018 Forbes named to be one of the world's highest-paid television actors for receiving an annual salary of $27.5 million.

Parsons began working in Off-Broadway productions and made several television appearances. It was his breakthrough role as Sheldon Cooper, a physicist, in The Big Bang Theory that got him immense fame in the industry. His audition for the role left creator Chuck Lorre super impressed and that's how he bagged the role of Sheldon.

Parsons won 4 Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for his role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Jim is also known for his projects such as The Big Year (2011), The Muppets (2011), Wish I Was Here (2014), Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019), The Boys in the Band (2020), amongst many others. Apart from his film and Broadway career, he is majorly known for his contribution to the Television industry.

What was Jim Parsons' remuneration for The Big Bang Theory?

Jim Parsons reportedly began with a modest salary of $60,000 per episode. By the time he reached season 8 of the show, Parsons proceeded to make $300,000 per episode. After renegotiation and signing the contract, he was making $1 million per episode by 2017.

In 2017 Forbes ranked the actor to be the highest-paid television actor and revealed he made $27.5 million that year.

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Who is Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory?

The sitcom made us laugh crazily with how four highly intellectual friends and one bubbly gorgeous neighbor navigate through friendship, relationships, and other aspects of life for 12 entertaining seasons.

However, the one character that truly took us all on a laughing voyage, was Sheldon Cooper. The rest of them were equally amazing, but the core of the show, theoretical physicist Sheldon was extraordinary in his way. The child prodigy who earned a Ph.D. at age 16 from the California Institute of Technology was known for being cold, condescending, and self-centered yet still caring about his friends and family.

What did the other cast members think about Jim Parsons' decision to leave The Big Bang Theory?

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Johnny Galecki who was known for playing Leonard in the show said that 'he was shocked and was left blindsided' after Jim Parsons decided to exit the show. Kaley Cuoco revealed that everyone was 'shocked and cried for several hours'. Simon Helberg called the decision 'upsetting', while Melissa Rauch called it a "vulnerable moment". Kunal Nayyar said that after hearing the decision, "I felt a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I don't mean this in a positive or a negative way."


Q. How many seasons does the Big Bang Theory has?

A. The Big Bang Theory has 12 entertaining seasons with 279 total episodes in it.

Q. Who created The Big Bang Theory?

A. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady created the Big Bang Theory.

Q. When did the Big Bang Theory end?

A. The Big Bang Theory ended on 16th May 2019

Q. Who is Jim Parsons' husband?

A. Jim Parsons married producer Todd Spiewak in 2017.