'You' Season 3 ending explained: Will Joe finally be held responsible for his crimes in the series' latest season? (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Still from Netflix's You Season 3 starring Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti (Image via IMDb)
Still from Netflix's You Season 3 starring Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti (Image via IMDb)
Shruti Kotiya

The serial killers are back with another season of You. Netflix's thriller series' beloved homicidal protagonist Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has returned to find his one true love and kill more people.

In the first two seasons of You, Joe was seen killing anyone who stood in the way of true love but had finally seemed to find his soulmate in Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) towards the end of season 2. They are a match made in heaven considering how violent, impulsive and obsessive the two can get, all for love.

Season three revealed the couple as a happy family, welcoming their newborn and moving into a suburban area full of entrepreneurs and people who literally follow the athleisure lifestyle. But that's never the case with these two, is it?

Without further ado, it's time to dissect and understand the end of Season 3 of You.

'You' Season 3: Ending explained


The last two episodes of You's Season 3 are bound to send viewers into a frenzy with all the plot twists. The show is popular for doing that every season to build the much-needed hype for the next one.

Throughout the show, Joe is seen trying to connect with his son, save his marriage, and prevent Love from butchering someone to death. But eventually, he gives in, thanks to his compulsive need to obsess and stalk women.

Joe and Love no longer feel anything for each other but will go to any extent to stay together for their son. Both being obsessive people with violent tendencies, they end up cheating on each other, and every time Joe finds someone interesting, Love will make sure that person ends up dead.

But towards the end, Joe is ready to risk it all and give up on his marriage to be with his 'soulmate', unlike Love, who suggests they try for another baby as it'll only bring them closer.

Still from Netflix's You Season 3 (Image via IMDb)
Still from Netflix's You Season 3 (Image via IMDb)

Things take a different turn when they both kill for someone they love, trying their best to hide it from each other, only for it to all come crashing down. Like her typical self, Love finds out about Joe's new love affair after brutally murdering the former one and cooks a nice dinner for him to please him.

She later reveals that she practically put poison in the food and texts Joe's lover to come over. Everything turns upside down when Joe gets a hold of Love, even after being a bit paralyzed, and ends up killing her.

He decides to give Henry away to a good family, make Love's murder look like a suicide, and disappear forever, specifically to Paris, to find his lover. With all the evidence left behind at the crime scene and the house going up in flames, there is absolutely no way Love could be saved in any way, but who knows what the next season holds. The show is full of surprises, so an unexpected twist isn't out of the picture.

All-in-all, viewers are in for a ride next season with Love gone and Joe on his quest to find his soulmate in Paris. Season 3 of You is now streaming on Netflix.

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