YouTuber EDP445 caught red-handed while allegedly trying to meet under-age girl, chaos ensues online

Youtuber EDP445 (Image via EDP445, Instagram)
Youtuber EDP445 (Image via EDP445, Instagram)

Popular YouTuber Bryant “EDP445” Moreland has come under severe scrutiny after getting accused by a group called Predator Poachers for trying to meet a “13-year old girl.”

The YouTuber/Vlogger has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. EDP445 has featured in various memes and posts videos about trending topics.

On April 18, 2021, the Predator Poachers shared a series of explicit photos and videos on an Instagram reel. The group shared images of the messages sent by EDP445 to Predator Poachers under the impression that he was talking to a 13-year-old girl.

YouTuber EDP445 exposed by online group after trying to meet under-age girl

Predator Poachers is an activist group that aims to raise awareness about online predators and save under-age children that get preyed on. On April 18th, the group shared pictures and videos on Instagram that contained messages sent by EDP445 to a “13-year old.”

The group then posted a video on YouTube talking in detail about all the allegations that they were raising against EDP445. The video also contained a confrontation between the group and the YouTuber. It was earlier live streamed on YouTube but has since been taken off.


Allegedly, the group had asked him, “You did double text here, correct? Knowing she was 13?”

The YouTuber, according to reports, replied, “Correct,” after which the group asked him whether he knew that the girl he was texting was 13 years old, again. The YouTuber allegedly responded by saying “correct” once more.

The news was initially reported by MTO News. Predator Poachers trap these personalities by going online and pretending to be “under-age” girls. They then engage with the personality in question, arrange a meet-up and then collect evidence against them.

EDP445 was caught on camera using a similar technique. Members of the Predator Poachers group had multiple conversations with the YouTuber pretending to be a 13-year old girl.

This is not the first time that EDP445 has been accused of pedophilia. In October 2020, he was accused of sending explicit messages to an internet user who “catfished” him as a 17-year-old girl. The YouTuber was also caught threatening the person to not release the messages online.

This time around, EDP445 has all but confessed to the allegations. The clips have been making the rounds on Twitter, with innumerable internet users commenting on the scandal.

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