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Floyd Mayweather won't have it easy against Conor McGregor predicts Scientific Astrologer

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Canelo Alvarez - Weigh-In
Mayweather has been touted as the favourite in the contest

Floyd Mayweather has an extraordinary horoscope which shows why he hasn’t been undefeated so far. Five planets in exaltation! Planet-Y (1999 JV127), Chiron, Planet-X (2007 RH283), Mars and Venus. That is an extraordinary arrangement of planets indeed.

No wonder why no one was unable to defeat him.

You need someone with an equally extraordinary horoscope to defeat the flamboyant and super-confident American.

Conor McGregor’s chart may not be super extraordinary, but he definitely has it in him to be that contender.

The Irish martial artist has Planet Z (2008 FC 76) and Planet-X in exaltation. He also was born during the most auspicious new moon day. The new moon is placed in the third house of ‘arms’ which enhances his chances of achieving great glories in boxing and martial arts. Mercury too is in a strong position.

The horoscope of McGregor is definitely not as extraordinary as Floyd. But one factor that goes in favour of Mc Gregor is that he is yet to reach the pinnacle of glory. He is the ruling light weight champion and has won a few championships before too. But he has not hit the success charts as regularly or as awe inspiring as Floyd. Therein, lies his chance.

Another factor that goes in favour of the MMA star is that he is much younger than Floyd. Floyd is at the fag end of his career and probably achieved all that he can possibly. McGregor can still garner a few more successes. Winning against Floyd could be the defining moment of his life. And if he can just push his luck further, he might just get that done.

Does McGregor has it in him to be the first guy to beat Mayweather?

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor
Can McGregor deliver?

Yes, well almost! You can definitely give him a better chance than all those who have attempted against Mayweather in the recent past including Manny Pacquiao.

For all the Mayweather haters, well here is a reason for you to watch this match.

This match is definitely is not going to a one-sided!

There is this great chance that someone may actually defeat the seemingly invincible ‘money’, and create history.

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