From domestic violence victim to world champion: The inspiring story of Bec Rawlings

  • The 29-year-old Rawlins defeated Cecilia Ulloa Flores of Mexico in the bare-knuckle fighting championship
Modified 04 Feb 2019, 19:59 IST

Bec Rawlings in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 2
Bec Rawlings in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 2

Australia's Bec Rawlings has retained her world title in the Flyweight category of bare-knuckle boxing. The 29-year-old Rawlins defeated Cecilia Ulloa Flores of Mexico in the bare-knuckle fighting championship. Rawling started professional fighting in 2011, but then she suffered domestic violence for four years. Boxer husband Dan Hyatt was accused of beating and torturing her on a regular basis. She left her husband's house in 2013, and once again turned to the game. With 5 years of hard work and determination, she became the world champion in bare-knuckle boxing. She has won 7 of her 15 Mixed Martial Arts Fights. Rawling only started doing bare-knuckle boxing last year.

Australia's mixed martial artist and bare-knuckle boxer Bec Rawlings says, 'I'm made for this game, and this game is for me, probably because I have suffered physical and mental harassment for many years, so I feel connected to the game. I want to strengthen my children as well.'

Rawling said, "Those years spent with Dan Hyatt was the worst time of my life. But now I do not cry by remembering that. There are some wounds that never heal. He would beat me so much that I stayed unconscious for hours. He also tried to kill me, and my son, therefore we left the house. While living with him, I was afraid of death every moment.

Bec met Hyatt in 2010, three months later, Hayat started harassing her. He is also a professional fighter. So, whenever I tried to stop him, I never succeeded. It was impossible for me to protect myself. I had the first MMA fight in October 2011, but I got knocked out in the round itself. After that, I left the house and started fighting UFC again. Mixed Martial Arts taught me to love myself and also made me strong.'

'Now I live without fear because I have made boxing my career. I shared my experiences with everyone so that I can help those who are or were victims of domestic violence. I want to say to them that it is not their fault and they are not weak. Now I consider myself 'Wild Child' and 'Rowdy Bec.' I've got out of those bad years of my life. '

About bare-knuckle boxing, she says, 'There are no boxing gloves in it, you also get injured when you punch the opposition boxer. We are very careful while punching as we cannot punch the opponent behind the head or on the sides. We have to punch from the front, and it requires more speed and strength. I did the Kung Fu training to strengthen my hands. Apart from this, I regularly punch the sandbag to strengthen my hands. This was only my third fight, and I feel like the queen of this game. I think the skill that I possess, nobody else, has it. This game is made for me, and I am made for this game. However, I am constantly improving my game.'

In the morning, Rawling first drops the children to school every day and then 2-3 hours of regular training in the gym. She says 'I want to make my children as strong as myself so that they never suffer physical torture in life.' Rolling has a contract with the bare-knuckle fighting championship, and they look after her training and fighting expenditures.

Published 04 Feb 2019, 19:59 IST
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