Video: Andrew Tate's car collection ft. Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren, and more

Andrew Tate, referred to as 'Top G' by his fans (image via Instagram @cobratate)
Andrew Tate, referred to as 'Top G' by his fans (image via Instagram @cobratate)

Former Kickboxer-turned-Influencer Andrew Tate has recently become the latest viral sensation.The influencer gained notoriety for his outspoken and often controversial views. Some of these views have landed him in hot water with traditional media publications that have labeled Tate as misogynistic.

Tate's incendiary views suggest that women must bear responsibility for rape, and that they belong inside homes only. His outrageous perspective has also made him a point of discussion in the British Parliament.

Former leader of the Conservative Party, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, suggested that people like Tate should not be given a platform on social media.

A huge part of Tate’s image is flaunting his success and wealth on social media. In one such video, Tate showcases his collection of expensive cars, featuring Lamborghinis and Aston Martins.

Watch the video here:


The images of wealthy environs, alongside his controversial views, have earned Tate a huge fanbase online. Tate even offers an online course on modern wealth creation for followers hoping to emulate the viral sensation, for some reason, the online course feels more like a pyramid scheme.

Tate's fan base is apparently guided by his views on women and other cultural norms. Another polarizing opinion of Tate’s addresses men and masculinity. Followers of Tate believe that he is advocating for traditional manly values, whilst critics have accused him of hawking toxic masculinity.

Andrew Tate has been spoken about as an opponent for Logan and Jake Paul

Due to his ever-growing fanbase, Tate has often been cast as a potential opponent for entertainers-turned-boxers like the Paul brothers. On top of that, Tate is an accomplished kickboxer, so he's more than willing to step up against popular figures for an easy payday.

The TikToker has called out Jake Paul in the past, and many have speculated that he would be ‘The Problem Child’s next opponent.

Watch Logan Paul call out Andrew Tate:


A fight, however, is more likely with Logan Paul. The older Paul brother has called out Tate, and is seemingly interested in facing him in the boxing ring.

A bout with ‘The Maverick’ probably makes more sense for Tate who has never boxed. Jake Paul seems like the more accomplished boxer among the Paul brothers. It'd be advisable for Tate to step towards an easier fight in Logan Paul than risk getting knocked out like Tyron Woodley.

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