Floyd Mayweather makes bid to buy NBA team

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Floyd Mayweather has made $2M bid to buy an NBA franchise

Floyd Mayweather continues to win even outside the boxing ring.

'Money' retired from professional boxing in 2017, following a stoppage win over Conor McGregor. However, he continues to compete in a non-professional capacity, fighting in exhibitions.

He recently competed last month in Dubai on DAZN pay-per-view, standing opposite YouTuber-turned-boxer Deji. 'The Tank' turned pro in August, scoring a knockout win over Fousey Erakat.

During the headlining bout, it was one-sided traffic. The former champion predictably dominated the YouTuber en route to a sixth-round knockout win. Now, nearly a month after that fight, Mayweather is looking to score another win.

At a recent public event, Floyd Mayweather revealed his bid for an NBA franchise. The former champion is a noted fan of basketball and has long discussed his plans to possibly own a franchise one day.

It seems that the time is now. The former champion noted that he put up over $2 billion to make the deal happen, and even revealed that the new franchise could be in Las Vegas or Seattle.

Revealing his plans, Floyd Mayweather stated:

“I’ve been working on buying a NBA team outright. One of my other business partners, Brent Johnson, he’s here. So we’ve been working on the NBA team for a while now. It’s kinda, it’s rough."

He continued:

“It could be the Vegas franchise. It could be the Seattle franchise or I could be buying a franchise that’s already up and running. So the first offer, we offered them a little over $2 billion for majority ownership. Do I have it? Absolutely, I have it, but it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot when you have so many different businesses all around the world. It’s a lot.”

What does Floyd Mayweather do now?

In the event that Floyd Mayweather buys an NBA franchise, it would be far from his first business move.

Since retiring, 'Money' has done exactly that. While he no longer competes in professional fights, Mayweather has still made millions of dollars facing names such as Logan Paul in exhibition matchups.

Outside of boxing, the former champion has become quite the real estate investor. Mayweather reportedly owns several skyscrapers in New York, including a stake in the popular One Vanderbilt building.

Floyd Mayweather is an investor in One Vanderbilt, the 93-story, $3.31 billion New York skyscraper that is the fourth-tallest building in the city.His rumored $50 million buy-in would make him one of the most prominent black commercial real estate investors in the world.

Now, with his announcement of a bid for an NBA franchise, Floyd Mayweather continues to build an excellent business portfolio.

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