How did Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend Josie Harris die?

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A younger Floyd with Josie [Image via @ComplexSports on Twitter].

Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris, passed away in 2020 due to an accidental overdose.

'Money' is one of the most well-known and famous boxers on the planet today. Even in retirement, he continues to make headlines. Mayweather recently defeated YouTuber Deji Olatunji in an exhibition earlier this month in Dubai.

While he's beloved today, there was a time when Mayweather was among the most hated of sports figures. Most of that time period was in the early 2010s when the former champion spent time in prison. It was in the aftermath of domestic abuse charges filed by his then-girlfriend Josie Harris. Mayweather later pleaded guilty to the charges and was ordered to spend 90-days in jail.

Over the years, the former couple would trade shots on social media and in the news. However, that all ended in May 2020, when Harris passed away. The cause of death was later revealed to be an accidental drug overdose.

While they clearly weren't a good fit and had issues, Floyd Mayweather still had a lot of love for the mother-of-three. On social media, the former champion made a series of posts in remembrance of Harris. The loss surely added to what was already quite a burden, as he had lost his uncle Roger just days before.

In the years since her passing, Mayweather has continued to upload pictures of Harris as a tribute.

Floyd Mayweather hits back at criticism

Floyd Mayweather is a believer in the idea that legacy doesn't put food on your table.

'Money' is one of the greatest boxers of all time but ultimately ended his historic run in 2017. Following a knockout win over Conor McGregor, the boxer retired from professional boxing. However, he didn't retire from making money.

Since retiring in 2017, the former champion has participated in many exhibition matches. He's shared the ring with everyone, from YouTubers such as Logan Paul to MMA fighters such as Mikuru Asakura.

Floyd Mayweather is trolling doing 360’s and dancing in between rounds of his fight against the YouTuber Deji #MayweatherDeji

These fights, which are not scored and more akin to sparring sessions, have been bashed by online boxing fans. Mayweather's recent win over Deji Olatunji was once again criticized by fans and pundits alike.

In his post-event presser, Floyd Mayweather hit back at criticism of his exhibition matches:

"A lot of time people say, ‘Oh, Floyd have to do exhibitions,' my philosophy is never stop getting [money]. Currency over legacy. Currency over legacy. Believe me, if I don’t ever do another exhibition in my life, I can live a great life.”

Watch the interview below:


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