Floyd Mayweather real estate: How many skyscrapers does 'Money' own?

Floyd Mayweather (L),and One Vanderbilt skyscraper (R).
Floyd Mayweather (L),and One Vanderbilt skyscraper (R).

Floyd Mayweather owns nine skyscrapers, including the massive One Vanderbilt building.

'Money' is one of the most legendary boxers to ever put on the gloves, and for good reason. His ability to change styles from being offensive-minded to defense-oriented was unprecedented. He also picked up incredible wins over names such as Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.

Following a 2017 knockout victory over Conor McGregor, the former champion decided to retire from boxing. Although he's continued to compete in a non-professional capacity, Mayweather seems content with his legacy and not being hit in the face.

In his post-fight retirement life, the former boxer has kept up with his nickname, 'Money.' Over the last few years, Mayweather has gotten into the real estate business, and he's made some big moves. While he doesn't outright own nine skyscrapers, who holds an ownership stake in them.

The most important skyscraper that he has involvement with is One Vanderbilt. The 93-floor building is the fourth-tallest building in New York City, trailing behind the One World Trade Center, Central Park Tower, and Steinway Tower.

Floyd Mayweather is an investor in One Vanderbilt, the 93-story, $3.31 billion New York skyscraper that is the fourth-tallest building in the city.His rumored $50 million buy-in would make him one of the most prominent black commercial real estate investors in the world.

While Floyd Mayweather's real estate portfolio is impressive, he's likely just getting started.

Does Floyd Mayweather still box today?

While Floyd Mayweather will likely still make the majority of his money from real estate, he still does compete every once in a while.

However, 'Money' isn't interested in taking punches in the face in a professional setting. Given his age and experience, Mayweather instead likes to compete in exhibition boxing matches.

Unlike professional contests, exhibitions are more for a show, and less for actual competition. While the fighters are still throwing punches, the affair more resembles sparring than a full-blown fight. Most of the time, the contests aren't scored and don't feature a winner either.

Since 2017, Floyd Mayweather has competed in five exhibition boxing matches, holding a record of 3-0 (2 no contests). To his credit, the former champion has taken full advantage of the show-like atmosphere and has decided not to fight traditional opponents.

Instead, he's faced MMA fighters, kickboxers, and even YouTubers such as Logan Paul. Earlier this month, Mayweather made his return to the ring in Dubai, facing another YouTuber, Deji Olatunji. 'The Tank' holds a professional record of 1-0 but wasn't expected to fair well.

As expected, Floyd Mayweather dominated, scoring a sixth-round knockout win. The boxer barely faced any resistance, and likely made millions for it. Even in retirement, he continues to win.

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