Watch:- Best celebrity parodies of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, ft. Drake, Aidy Bryant and more

Manny Pacquiao (L) and Aidy Bryant (R) [Courtesy:SNL's Youtube Channel]
Manny Pacquiao (L) and Aidy Bryant (R) [Courtesy:SNL's Youtube Channel]

Being one of the most humble and calm fighters ever to grace the squared circle, Manny Pacquiao has always taken light banter in stride. The boxer’s reaction to celebrity impressions of him makes his response even more entertaining.

Impersonations of prominent sports personalities have been an aspect in the comedy culture for a long time. Ever since the Muhammad Ali era, comedians have been able to replicate the patterns of celebrated boxers for the entertainment of worldwide audiences.

From Jamie Fox’s Mike Tyson impersonation to Eddie Murphy’s Muhammad Ali, boxers have taken their impersonations in great stride over the years.

However, impersonations of the Filipino done by American comedians definitely stand out when it comes to these impressions.

Breaking down the best celebrity impersonations of Manny Pacquiao

No.1: Aidy Bryant

Billed as the Fight of the Century, the fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather received the attention of almost every media outlet. It was only approprirate that one of the most prominent comedy shows of the world, Saturday Night Live, would turn direct its attention to do the same.


SNL took an interesting approach to the skit, staging its own version of the "Fight of the Century" with Jay Pharoah portraying Floyd Mayweather and Aidy Bryant portraying his Filipino opponent.

No.2: Drake

At the 2014 ESPY's, Drake, being the big combat sports fan that he is, came out with a short skit of his own that made fun of the legendary boxer's singing ambitions. Drake’s spot-on impersonation of Pac-man’s Filippino accent was so accurate that the champ himself chuckled at it.


The skit also had some great one-liners. “To me it’s warmer in July, so I am not worry about the May weather” has got to go down as one of the best jokes to come out of the ESPY's.

No.3: Jo Koy

American-Filipino comedian Jo Koy does one of the best Pacquiao-impersonations ever. The comedian’s respect for the boxer makes it even more classy.

The actor can perfectly mimic the former champion, and while performing this impersonation, he often provides commentary on the Filipino way of life, making his performances even more interesting.


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