Watch: Hasim Rahman Jr. says he is getting paid less than half of what Tyron Woodley did to fight Jake Paul

Hasim Rahman Jr. (L), and Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul (R).
Hasim Rahman Jr. (L), and Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul (R).

Hasim Rahman Jr. has revealed that he is making less than Tyron Woodley did to fight Jake Paul.

'Gold Blooded' is set to face 'The Problem Child' on Showtime pay-per-view next month. The bout, which is the biggest test of the YouTuber's career to date, is set to take place at the historic Madison Square Garden venue in New York.

The bout will also be a short-notice one, as Paul was originally set to face Tommy Fury. Despite that, the matchup already has a lot of hype, largely due to Rahman Jr.'s ability to promote the fight.

Many of his discussions in the media have been labeling Paul as fake and involved some apparent misconceptions about the online star's promotion.

The 31-year-old has now shed light on how the fight came to be in an interview with FightHype. Rahman Jr. revealed that he was given a limited timeframe to accept the fight, and that the terms of the contract will lead to him being Paul's lowest paid opponent so far.

In the interview, Rahman Jr. stated:

"He brings the MMA fighter [Tyron Woodley] over here, and then they make cashloads of money. Then, they finally get a boxer, who you've been advocating for to get more paid, you give them less than half of what you pay the MMA people? It's fraudulent to me, he's fraudulent."

Watch Rahman Jr.'s interview with FightHype below:


How much will Hasim Rahman Jr. get paid against Jake Paul?

Hasim Rahman Jr.'s full purse isn't known at this time, but we know he's making much less than Tyron Woodley did in his fights with Jake Paul.

'The Chosen One' faced 'The Problem Child' on two occasions. While his second purse isn't known, his first outing in August 2021 was released by the Ohio State Athletic Commission.

For that boxing match, which was Woodley's debut in the sport, he earned $2 million. Furthermore, the former UFC welterweight champion likely made much more in terms of pay-per-view points for both contests against Paul.

Hasim Rahman Jr., on the other end, has stated that he will be paid less than half of what Woodley made. Furthermore, the heavyweight prospect has also revealed on social media that he's not getting any pay-per-view points for their Showtime headliner.

Beyond that, the heavyweight has stated that he could be fined massively for missing weight, and could only be paid $5,000 in August. With that in mind, the 31-year-old has noted that he's not going to do much to promote the fight.

The minimum payment for Hasim Rahman Jr is only $5,000. 🤯🗣 “They leave a lot of stuff out when you’re dealing with Jake Paul.” - @_HasimRahmanJr

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