When Joe Rogan discussed boxing's greatest ever fighters, including Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather

Joe Rogan (left), Muhammad Ali (right) - Images via @joerogan and @muhammadali on Instagram
Joe Rogan (left), Muhammad Ali (right) - Images via @joerogan and @muhammadali on Instagram

Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Robinson are just a few boxing names that have been thrown into the hat for being the greatest of all time (GOAT). Fighting enthusiast and podcast host Joe Rogan has expressed his personal opinions over the GOAT of boxing.

With so many generations and so many weight classes, it's hard to give a specific answer, which is why the conversation always offers an abundance of opinions. However, there seems to be regular stand-out names that have been brought forward.

During one of Rogan's many podcasts, he discussed the topic, where he said:

"I think he [Floyd Mayweather] is the GOAT... I think Mike Tyson [was] in his prime when he knocked out Larry Holmes, when he starched Marvis Frazier, when he was just smashing everybody. I think he had reached this level that you could only maintain for a certain amount of years."

Rogan then later added:

"I think that if Muhammad Ali had been in the same era as Mike Tyson, he would've been better because Mike Tyson was around. You get better depending upon who was around you and when you're in an era, you're kind of defined by your competition. Ali was defined by Joe Frazier and defined by George Foreman and all the guys that he fought."

Watch the full clip from the PowerfulJRE podcast here:


Is it fair to compare eras and weights in boxing?

Boxing is one of the most historic sports in the world and has seen a number of legendary fighters. However, a common debate always arises: who is the greatest boxer of all time?

The fantasy debate offers an acceptance of all weight categories, which some may consider unfair in itself. Nonetheless, the pound-for-pound ranking is what determines the best fighters in the world. This means that a lightweight can be compared to a cruiserweight, despite the obvious weightclass difference.

This is fulfilled through the analysis of the individual themselves, their skills, ring IQ, world titles, punch power and more.

Overall, it may be unfair to compare different eras in such a historic sport, but the debate is always fun for fans and offers so many theories and ideas.

Watch the quickfire Q&A for the GOAT of boxing via BT Sport here:


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