Who is the only boxer to defeat Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather in the Olympics [Image via @GAFollowers on Twitter].
Floyd Mayweather in the Olympics [Image via @GAFollowers on Twitter].

Floyd Mayweather's last loss came to Serafim Todorov at the 1996 Olympics.

Despite all the branding you've seen and all the talk you've heard, yes, 'Money' has lost before. While he's undefeated in the professional ranks (which is all that really matters), he has lost in the amateur ranks and gone to a no-contest in the exhibition scene.

During his amateur career, Floyd Mayweather went 84-8. The record is great, but it doesn't stand out all that much considering the amateur record of names such as Vasyl Lomachenko and Gennadiy Golovkin. In addition to those losses in the amateurs, Mayweather also lost in the Olympics.

During the Olympic trials, the future champion went 5-1, with the sole loss coming to Augie Sanchez. He would later avenge that defeat twice and head to the Olympic games to represent America.

He would dominate all opponents until the semi-finals. There, Mayweather would lose on points to Serafim Todorov. The result is one of the most controversial results in Olympic history. Despite clearly outworking his opponent, the legend came up short.

Following the defeat, the U.S. national team protested and appealed the result. Sadly, it was never overturned, and the loss remains on Mayweather's record, making him settle for the bronze medal.

Luckily for Floyd Mayweather, it was the last time he lost.


What happened to the man who defeated Floyd Mayweather?

Serafim Todorov was the last man to defeat Floyd Mayweather but wasn't nearly as successful as 'Money'.

The Bulgarian had much more experience than the future legend by the time they clashed. While Mayweather had only attended one Olympic game, Todorov has attended four, with the 1996 edition being his last.

Following the semi-final win, Todorov headed to the finals to face Thailand's Somluck Kamsing. The fight was close, and the Bulgarian came up short, losing by a points decision. The loss was his last time representing his home country.

Following the win over Mayweather, the silver medalist was contacted by many American promoters to promote him. Todorov turned the offers down, believing that it would be better for him to fight in his home country.

Instead, the offers never came, and he received little support from Bulgaria. Todorov would later opine that had he won the gold, he would've received that support. He later attempted to switch nationalities to represent Turkey but was not allowed.

His amateur career was over by 2003, and he only went 6-1 in his professional career. As of 2020, Serafim Todorov lives in Bulgaria and lived off a $435 dollar-a-month pension.

24 Years Ago Today: @FloydMayweather’s last loss. A controversial decision in the semis of the 1996 Olympics to Bulgarian Serafim Todorov. Mayweather is 50-0 in his pro career, makes nearly $1 billion.Todorov has 7 pro fights, last in Bulgaria living on $435 a month pension.

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