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22 experiences every marathon runner understands

Geeta Bisht
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Life is short, run a Marathon!

Apart from the fact that after conquering those 26.2 miles, not only you know that you are absolutely amazing and can achieve anything under the Sun, you envisioned; but also you become an inspiration and somebody else’s reason to not give up. Seasoned runner or a beginner, here are some of the things all the runners can relate to during a marathon:

1. Registering for a marathon while planning a holiday around it.

2. Expo’s – Ah! I love ‘em.

Not only do you collect your race day packets, but also pamphlets(probably never read), hopping from booth to booth, trying out the new range of running centric products Plus the awesomest part - you are surrounded by the runners and some of the best ones across the country, who you have just read about in FB or elsewhere. 

3. The night before a marathon is about loading up on carbs.

Food for marathon
Food for marathon

Pasta, Dal-Khichdi, Potatoes, yum yum..And there is a difference in fuelling up for the race and over eating leading to feeling bloated and throwing up. 

4. Hands on your BIB.

Runners bib

A night before the race, laying out the clothes, and fastening the BIB on it. And taking many pictures. Oh, C’mon we all do that.

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5. Fix your feet – Taping for blisters!

Mummified piggies!!

6. Bloody nipples and thighs due to chaffing.

The horrors of chaffing
The horrors of chaffing

Who said running is easy?!! Its your Blood, sweat, lot of hardwork and a sweet pain. BodyGlide and NipGuards make an entry as Avengers to combat chaffing.

7. Worrying more about parking than running.

Stop kidding and tell me how can I get free parking passes please?

8. 30 min and more of stretches and warmup jog. 

9. Long and slow moving lines for the porta-potties.

Oh gaush!! This wait is killing me.

10. Spotting the celebrities running a marathon looks so normal.

11. Slow runners sprinting out from the start only to stand, hands on hips, a few hundred meters into the race, making it a funny sight.

Hello!! You aren’t a Kenyan and this isnt a 100 meter dash.

12. You come across a few sign boards which make you laugh.

13. And some, which you can’t just tolerate..

14. Half way through the marathon, you are already looking forward to the taste of your energy gel.

15. Not ashamed of peeing behind the bushes and trees.

16. You can’t get enough of your Garmin.

17. At the 22nd mile, you wanna stop but people are watching and you continue running.

18. And there are the photographers..

19. The last 2 miles seem difficult than the miles run so far.

20. And you conquered the world after you earned your finishers medal.

21. And there goes one more medal to the finishers medals display.

22. You thank all your training friends on social media. Go blogging and posting pictures of your experience and bragging about your PR.

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