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5 pieces of equipment necessary for all runners

Vidhi Shah
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Proper equipment makes running comfortable, safe and effective

Running is often regarded as a low maintenance sport, where one may not require a host of fancy and expensive equipment or gear. But, when it comes to regular runners, it is critical that they have certain items marked off a checklist in order to make their runs more comfortable, safe and effective.

Sportskeeda looks at five basic pieces of equipment necessary for all runners:

#1 The correct pair of shoes

The first and foremost thing for a runner is to invest money in a good pair of running shoes. "Every time you put your foot down while you're running, imagine that weight times three, because that's the amount of force you're generating when you're running no matter how fast or slow you're going," Mary Arnold of JackRabbit Sports was quoted as saying to The Huffington Post.

"Without the proper footwear to help absorb some of your repeated exposure to that amount of force, that's going to over time make it more likely that you would have an injury." 

Thus, it is of prime importance to have the right pair of shoes, which are snug and well-fitting, almost tailored to one’s foot. The perfect pair of shoes will make your foot feel lighter while running, as it will mould into the shape of your foot.

Furthermore, it will also help reduce the friction caused by rubbing your heel against the back of the shoe, thus preventing the onset of blisters. The best way to pick the right pair of shoes is to go to a store which has in-store machines that map the shape/type of your foot and accordingly help you select the appropriate pair. 

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