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A Day When Machine Stops For Running Legs– Not A Dream!!

1.11K   //    20 Jul 2013, 12:26 IST

In this cumbersome life of Chennai where disorderliness becomes the order of the day and when men forget to use his legs and machines occupy every bit of space on the roads. It was a unique and charming Sunday morning I woke up to witness the dark clouds sprinkling to calm the city.

One of the rare days when the roads were cordoned off for the running legs, when a thin but steadily growing Chennai’s running population was ready to exhibit their running skills, when nature was at its best with slender drizzles drenching the city. I pulled up my socks and stretched my muscles to run the Dream Runners Half Marathon 2013.

Durai in Dream Runners Half Marathon
Pic Courtesy: Flash Blubz Photography

Wet Roads and Chill Breeze – An Untiring Run:

Like a school kid I sprang out of the starting point with happiness in my heart and target of completing the half marathon in mind. The happiness of shooting out from the crowd of runners was like a little deer jumping out of its herd, it gave me unbound energy and made me run more peacefully.

The early morning sea breeze, the aroma from the thick woods of Theospical society, the dark clouds, the camaraderie of fellow runners, the encouragement of volunteers and my pounding heart I cherished them all.

As my legs crossed the Adayar bridge and passed through the beach road I was welcomed by a parade of policemen on both sides of the road. It was a unique opportunity to run on the center of the road which is selectively bestowed only to the self-propelled machines in the city. I exploited the opportunity and enjoyed the elite experience thoroughly.

Durai at DRHM
Pic Courtesy: Flash Blubz Photography

Gentle drizzles, Inspiring People and Sea of Runners – Adrenaline Rush:

As I started to trot from the Marina beach it started to gently drizzle it was a state of thorough blissfulness as if the almighty is blessing you. The most inspiring aspect of this half marathon where the different people from various walks of life, from young at age to young at heart, beyond any human imposed restrictions people from divergent life took part in this event.


Feeling this sea of humanity through my heart I was extremely inspired by the fellow runners solidarity, their high spirits, their energy levels and their never give-up attitude. Relishing all the wonderful feelings on the route I had an upsurge of adrenaline rush and was absolutely delighted with this running experience.

As I crossed every mile marker my happiness and joy increased many folds not because I had less kilometers to run, but for the ‘delightness’ within me. The salubrious weather, the inspiring men and women, the cheering and selfless volunteers en route, the empty roads and my joyful heart I loved them all.

CTC group pic
Courtesy: Trail Blazers

I was welcomed by the smiles of cheerful volunteers and the energizing drum beats as I ran across the 21 km mark. The wonderful medal presented at the finishing line, the refreshing post run stretches, the yummy breakfast and the joy of completing a blissful run. I self-realized at the end of this run – “It was not just a run but a Dream Run”.

Durai with finisher medal at DRHM
Pic Courtesy: Gowri Shankar

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