Do's and don'ts 48 hours before a long distance run

A participant at the Wings for Life World Run 2015 (Image courtesy – Ali Bharmal for Wings for Life World Run)
Ned Walters

The 2016 edition of the Wings for Life World Run is almost upon us and the event sure looks set to be a great success. With the event scheduled for Sunday, the 8th of May in Ahmedabad, it is very important that participants prepare ideally for the run.

However, the Wings for Life World run isn’t a regular run, with participants racing not just each other, but also the Catcher Car. Going into the event, let’s take a look at a few essential do’s and don’ts that need to be followed to ensure one can perform to the best of their abilities.

  • Stay hydrated but avoid excess

It is very important to keep oneself hydrated for an event like this, where the competition is two-pronged. Considering that the Indian leg will happen in Ahmedabad, right in the middle of the Indian summer, it is of utmost importance that runners drink a lot of water and keep themselves hydrated, ahead of the big day.

Also, it needs to be ensured that one doesn’t experiment with what they normally consume as part of their training regime, as thay could also impair the efficiency of your performance.

  • Carbohydrates are important but not in excess

Carb-loading is something runners do generally before a big run, as carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in our body and help provide energy during the run. One must also take care to see that the carbohydrates they are eating are what they would eat regularly, to ensure the system doesn’t find  the food difficult to digest.

  • Avoid fats and unprocessed food

It is best to avoid unprocessed food and food rich in fat prior to the race as it takes more time to breakdown and digest, and could result in lethargy and lack of pace during running, as the body just doesn’t feel active.

  • Relaxation is important

Pre-race relaxation can be very useful going into the big day and can help one focus for the run ahead. It is not advisable to go in for a full-fledged run, but a short jog can be good to get you feeling active and ready.

It is also best to avoid long-distance travel the previous day in order to avoid sluggishness on race day.

  • Avoid worrying about sleeping enough

Sleeping well is something that helps, yes, but in case one struggles to fall asleep, it is best not to worry over the same, as anxiety makes it worse. Race-day adrenaline is more than enough to see you through the run, and it is best to lie in bed, even if sleep is tough to come by, to prevent muscle fatigue on race day.

  • No pre-race parties

The most important point, it is advisable to avoid any sort of parties and exertions before the race, as it could potentially affect your performance in the run quite heavily.

  • Prepare properly and enjoy the run

Ensure you have everything picked out for the run, right from your outfit to your shoes the night before to avoid any sort of rush the morning of the race. It is also good practice to track your course earlier and practise on it a couple of times to familiarise yourself with the details.

Finally, remember to enjoy your run, and the fact that it is for a great cause!

Edited by Staff Editor
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