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"Gym work is vital in order to avoid injuries while running" - M.D. Ramaswami, Entrepreneur

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Sportskeeda is proud to present a brand new series – ‘CXOs on the run’. In this series, we converse with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and other high-profile personalities for whom running is a way of life, and how they manage to find time to pursue doing what they love the most.

Today, we talk to M.D Ramaswami, who is the brains behind Celtycs Consultancies and An IIT Madras pass-out, Mr. Ramaswami has been part of various companies and at the head of many start-ups as well. Here, he discusses his routine and preparations when it comes to running marathons. Excerpts below:

When did you first start running?

My first experience with running was sometime in 2005.

Which was the first marathon you participated in?

The first marathon I participated in was the Auroville half-marathon in 2008.

How do you go about preparing for a marathon?

I have a very unorthodox way of preparing for marathons. I work out on my legs and core during the week and run on Sundays. I start this eight weeks prior to the race. In those eight Sundays, I start off with a 2.5 km run in the first week and progressively go up to 15 km in seven weeks, increasing my running distance by 2.5 km every week. On the last Sunday before the race, I run 7 km so as to not over-exert myself.

Do you follow a diet in preparation of a marathon?


I love all kinds of junk food. However, I cut it out completely during the last three weeks leading up to the event, and stick to simple, nutritious food.

What kit do you use for running?

I use Nike running shoes. I also use the Run Keeper app on the Iphone for tracking my progress. Of course, I wear the usual sweat-absorbent shorts and tees. I don’t carry any drinks while running since I run only half-marathons, and rely on aid-stations.

What are the other runs you participate in?

I participate only in half-marathons. I usually am part of two half-marathons every year – Auroville in February and the Kaveri trail in September.

What other sport do you play or follow?

I play football with the teenagers in my apartment complex, and my favourite football team is Manchester United. Apart from this, I also follow Indian Cricket and Grand Slams keenly.

Who is your favourite sportsperson?

Lance Armstrong used to be my favourite sportsperson. But I was very disappointed and hurt after the doping scandal was exposed. As of now, there is no sportsperson that I can call my ‘favourite’.

Any message to our readers who wish to start running?

Everyone should try running. It is great fun and a stress-buster. However, it is important to remember that gym work is vital in order to avoid injuries, especially as you get older.

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