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I am the 'accidental runner': Ramakrishna Puranam, Sales & Marketing, Wipro

Modified 18 May 2013, 16:08 IST


Sportskeeda is proud to present a brand new series – ‘CXOs on the run’. In this series, we converse with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and other high-profile personalities for whom running is a way of life, and how they manage to find time to pursue doing what they love the most.

Meet Ramakrishna Puranam, or ‘Ramki’ as he is fondly called. Apart from his high-pressure job, Ramki also finds time for rock music, automobiles, reading, designing, spirituality, sports and, of course, running. Today, he discusses some of his interests and his love for running. Some excerpts below:

How and when did you first start running?

I started running about two years back in 2011 when one of my colleagues enrolled my name in the “Spirit of Wipro” run without informing me. The fact that he himself didn’t turn up on the day of run is another story!

Which was the first run you participated in?

It was the ‘Spirit of Wipro’ run in 2011. Most of the guys enrolled for the 4 km run and I, along with another colleague, wanted to do the 10 km run. The first 2 km was very difficult; but after that, everything fell in place. I completed a distance of 10 km in about 85 minutes in the first attempt. I guess you could call me ‘The Accidental Runner’.

How do you go about preparing for a run?

I’ve been running five to six km everyday for the last 4 months regardless of business travel. I have run in eight cities so far – Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad,Hyderabad and Kolkata – in the last 2 months.

Do you follow a diet in preparation of a run?


Yes. I drink lots of water and eat a lot of carbs, fruits & vegetables. Being a pure vegetarian, this regiment is quite easy to follow. I  never miss breakfast, which is usually the heaviest meal in the day after a 30 to 45 min run in the morning. I strictly avoid chips and French fries.

What kind of kit do you use for running?

The usual. Running Shoes, t-shirt, track Pants, my iPod Touch with lots of Indie Rock Music, a water bottle or sometimes Gatorade, and a Nature Valley snack bar.

How often have you participated in the TCS 10k run?

This is the first time I will be participating in the TCS 10k.

What are the other runs you participate in?

As I mentioned above, I have participated in the Spirit of Wipro. I also intend to participate in Mumbai Marathon next year and the Midnight Marathon in Bangalore in November.

Q11: What other sport do you play or follow?

I play tennis and table tennis. I am also ardent follower of football, F1 and basketball.

Who is your favourite sportsperson?

Ayrton Senna is one of the greatest sportsmen I have ever seen. Adam Gilchrist is also another sportsman that I admire.

Do you have any message to our readers who wish to start running?

Just do it. It’s difficult to get started initially. But once you get used to it, it’s a very difficult habit to break. (smiles)

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Published 09 May 2013, 16:41 IST
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