People say don't compare Gowda with Bolt
Sriniwas Gowda racing with buffaloes went viral. The video showed him run on slushy ground, barefoot, bare chiselled torso and with two buffaloes for company. He ran 142.50 m in 13.62 seconds. It was then social media went berserk extrapolating these figures to make it sound as if he had broken Usain Bolt’s 100 m record. Pressure was applied on the sports minister to refer him to the sports authority of India to train him for international races. It is then that Gowda backtracked saying credit should go to the buffaloes for running so fast. Besides, he was not even used to running on regular ground with shoes on.

To get the public view, nnis spoke to many to understand what they felt about this huge hype. And whether it was unfair to both Gowda and Bolt to be compared with each other.