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Real people, real runners: Gurcharan Singh, runner and meditator

Modified 24 Aug 2015
Gurcharan Singh (C), 47, at the Bengaluru 10K Challenge 2015

Every week, Sportskeeda runs interviews with full-time workers and part-time runners. This week, we bring you Gurcharan Singh, group manager at Wipro, who counts meditation as an integral part of his running routine:

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and your work life:

I love nature and try to understand the principles of nature. I believe that one can be transcendent by aligning oneself to the nature’s principles while in professional life too. I am currently part of Mission Quality team of Wipro and love working with the teams for improving processes and hence productivity. Quality, like physical fitness, is my passion.

Q. How long have you been a runner?

I have been a long distance runner since Wipro started the Spirit Of Wipro (SoW) run initiative. Except for the first one I have participated in all the other 8 runs.

Q. What first drew you to running?

Any form of physical activity or sports fascinates me, I like sweating out. When I first heard about the SoW Run, I just registered and participated with lot of enthusiasm along with my family. And then there was no looking back.

Q. How regularly do you train/run? Tell us a bit about your training regime.

Interesting question. Three years ago I joined the Wipro Running Club and started undergoing professional coaching. I feel I have become more disciplined and gained a strong positive attitude and become more regular in my physical training. My days tend to begin 4:00 am, except when I sleep late, which I dislike and having worked out on my soul through Gurbani meditation,  I hit my favorite open pavilion ground near my house with 400 mts track and big hockey/football ground in center.


I am alone at 5:00-5:15 am and work out for about one and a half hour daily. I try to balance my weekly schedule through upper body, core and lower body work outs, Swimming is another sports activity that helps in relaxing my body. During weekend the work out is more intense and goes on for about 3 hours in Sarjapur campus and Cubbon park. I also practice and teach Sikh Martial Art, to the Ulsoor Gurudwara community.

Singh at the Puma Urban Stampede, Bengaluru

Q. Which are your best runs till date?

The Spirit of Wipro, Puma Urban Stampede, TCS 10K and Bangalore Marathon 10 K are some of my best runs so far.  

?Q. How did running benefit you?

Running helps you to become more disciplined, hardworking, dedicated and determined with strong power. It needs to be part of your life to be beneficial and successful. A committed runner, I have participated in every run at Wipro except the first year run and will run my 9th this year.


Q. What is favorite running memory? And what gives you the motivation you have to keep going?

That was last year’s Wipro run, when I achieved a podium finish. I am a self-motivator, but I realized I also draw lot of energy from the nature and people around me while running. Performing better getting fitter with every running event and setting the higher goal keeps me going.  

Q. What advice would you give to  first-time runners?

There are no short cuts and you must have patience. One must have clear vision, goals set, burning desire and degree of passion to achieve the goals. But without proper planning and execution this vision and goal will be like night dream, so plan well and be meticulous in the execution. Last but not the least, be prepared for setbacks and failures too, because they are the steps for reaching your success.

Published 17 Aug 2015, 18:41 IST
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