"Running works immensely well for your cardiovascular system" Shaleena 

Shaleena Nathani
Shaleena Nathani
Mayank Vora

Shaleena Nathani is one of the leading celebrity stylists in India. She is a popular choice for Bollywood artists and industrialists alike. She has been instrumental in creating some of Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan’s game-changing looks.

She is also a part of the Nike Zoom Squad, which is a team made up of athletes, pacers and influencers, that will participate in the upcoming Mumbai marathon. She has been pretty active and in order to maintain fitness, she follows a fitness regime which includes regular runs.

Sportskeeda caught up with her in a one-on-one interview on how did she actually start running and the benefits of the same:

- How did running happen to you? What was the source of inspiration?

I have always been very passionate about running but did not imagine myself doing a long-distance run which was a challenge I was drawn towards. It started casually when I was at a boot camp and there were talks about some girls running the marathon. It got me thinking, got me curious and I started running with them only to realise how much I enjoyed running and it soon became a passion.

- What is your daily running routine like?

Being a part of the Nike Zoom Squad, I have a very committed training schedule. I do distance runs once a week and train on other days which helps with building up your endurance and stamina. Currently, I am working on my form during running as its important to reduce how tired one gets. Completing the upcoming marathon with good timing is the current challenge for me.

- How has running helped in improving your fitness?

Running works immensely well for your cardiovascular system. Add to that, running strengthens your core, legs, endurance and mind. Any sort of physical activity works towards improving your focus, sense of determination and sharpening your perspective towards anything you do or seek. A strong body houses a strong mind, and vice-versa.

- What do you prefer, Road Running or Field Running and why?

I would prefer running on a field because of the impact it has on your knees. But the kind of joy you get running on a road, with an endless distance, is something totally different.

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Edited by Mayank Vora
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