52nd ISSF World Championships Results:Hriday Hazarika wins Gold for India in the 10m Air Rifle for Junior Men at the 

Hriday Hazarika of India won Gold in 10m Air Rifle Men Junior (Image Courtesy: free press journal)

India claimed 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals in the Juniors Air Rifle events at the Shooting World Championships held at Changwon, Korea. The Indian Junior Air Rifle team created a new Junior World in the 10m event as India firmly assert their stands in the shooting arena.

» 10m Air Rifle Men Junior

Hazarika started slowly occupying the fifth position after the first five shots. On completion of the third elimination shot, Hazarika rose to the second spot. With scores of 10.7 and 10.8, he moved into the lead after the fifth elimination shot. But, a 9.8 effort in the last series, sank his chances, forcing a shoot-off. The 16-year-old Hriday Hazarika won the Gold after a shoot-off with Nekounam of Iran.

Gold - Hriday Hazarika (IND) 250.1 (S-Off 10.3), Silver - Amir Mohammad Nekounam (IRN) 250.1 (S-Off 10.2), Bronze - Grigorii Shamakov (RUS) 228.6. 11th Place - Divyansh Singh Panwar (IND) 624.9, 24th Place - Arjun Babuta (IND) 620.1.

» 10m Air Rifle Men Junior Team

China took the Team Gold with a new World record ahead of Iran. India had to be content with the 4th place.

Gold - China 1876.2 (WRJ) (Xiangyu Tian 627.5, Yuefeng Wang 626.1, Peng Wang 622.6)

Silver - Iran 1874.3 (Amirsiyavash Zolfagharian 628.1, Amir Mohammad Nekounam 627.5, Mohammad Hossein Sharifzadeh 618.7)

Bronze - Russia 1873.7 (Ilia Marsov 628.9, Grigorii Shamakov 626.3, Denis Goncharenko 618.5)

4th Place - India 1872.3 (Hriday Hazarika , Divyansh Singh Panwar 624.9, Arjun Babuta 620.1)

» 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior

(Image Courtesy: sportsnews)
Amir Mohammad Nekounam won Gold in 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior (Image Courtesy: sports news)

20-year-old Amir Nekounam from Iran won the Gold after a fierce competition with Pekler of Hungary who took the Silver. Cao Bo of China the Bronze medalist led the field after the completion of the kneeling position. Pekler regained the lead after the end of the prone position with an impressive score of 307.6. Nekounam asserted his class in his preferred standing position to take the Gold. Pratap Singh of India finished a creditable fourth.

Gold - Amir Mohammad Nekounam (IRN) 455.5, Silver - Zalan Pekler (HUN) 455.0, Bronze - Bo Cao (CHN) 442.9. 4th Place - Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar (IND) 431.7. 38th Place - Fateh Singh Dhillon (IND) 1138. 47th Place - Sam George Sajan Christopher Ramesh (IND) 1124.

» 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior Team

China took the team Gold as they pipped Russia with Cao's efforts. Hungary had to settle for Bronze despite Pekler's efforts as their third shooter Pragai scored 1133.

Gold - China 3467 (Cao Bo 1167, Fanglong Ding 1151, Changhong Zhang 1149)

Silver - Russia 3455 (Artem Fillippov 1154, Grigorii Shamakov 1152, Oleg Senchenkov 1149)

Bronze - Hungary 3452 (Zalan Pekler 1169, Peter Vas 1150, Patrik Pragai 1133)

10th Place - India 3417 (Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar 1155, Fateh Singh Dhillon 1138, Sam George Sajan Christopher Ramesh 1124)

» 50m Rifle Prone Men Junior

Benjamin Tingsrud Karlsen
Benjamin Tingsrud Karlsen won Gold in 50m Rifle Prone Men Junior (Image Courtesy: eub.no)

Pekler of Hungary had to settle for another Silver after he missed the Gold with a poor final series of 101.6, as 19-year-old Karlsen of Norway won the Gold with an excellent score of 104.3 in the final series.

Gold - Benjamin Tingsrud Karlsen (NOR) 619.7, Silver - Zalan Pekler (HUN) 619.1, Bronze - William Shaner (USA) 618.2. 15th Place - Pruthviraj Dilip Ayachi (IND) 614.9, 25th Place - Fateh Singh Dhillon (IND) 613.5, 41st Place - Niraj Kumar (IND) 607.2.

» 50m Rifle Prone Men Junior Team

Norway took the team Gold 6 points ahead of Austria. India finished in 8the place.

Gold - Norway 1852.5 (Benjamin Tingsrud Karlsen 619.7, Vegard Nordhagen 616.8, Jon-Hermann Hegg 616.0)

Silver - Austria 1846.1 (Stefan Wadlegger 617.2, Patrick Diem 614.5, Andreas Thum 614.4)

Bronze - Russia 1845.6 (Artem Filippov 617.2, Grigorii Shamakov 615.1, Oleg Senchenkov 613.3)

8th Place - India 1835.6 (Pruthviraj Dilip Ayachi 614.9, Fateh Singh Dhillon 613.5, Niraj Kumar 607.2)

» 10m Air Rifle Women Junior

(Image Courtesy: China Daily)
Mengyao Shi of China won Gold in 10m Air Rifle Women Junior (Image Courtesy: China Daily)

20-year-old Shi Mengyao of China secured the Gold in her last year of competition in the Junior circuit with some splendid shooting hitting all her targets inside the 10th ring in the Finals. India, an emerging fraternity in the Shooting events established their superiority by claiming the Silver and Bronze.

Gold - Mengyao Shi (CHN) 250.5, Silver - Elavenil Valarivan (IND) 249.8, Bronze - Shreya Agrawal (IND) 228.4. 33rd Place - Manini Kaushik (IND) 621.2.

» 10m Air Rifle Women Junior Team

India, however, wrested the team Gold by creating a new World record in the process. China settled for the Silver, while hosts Korea took the Bronze.

Gold - India 1880.7 (WRJ) (Elavenil Valarivan 631.0, Shreya Agrawal 628.5, Manini Kaushik 621.2)

Silver - China 1874.6 (Mengyao Shi 627.4, Shuyi Wang 624.4, Qiaoying Zhang 622.8)

Bronze - South Korea 1871.9. (Jiyeon Kim 626.4, Gaeul Han 625.8, Minjung Oh 619.7)

» 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women Junior

Jade Bordet of France won Silver in (Image Courtesy: Youtube)
Jade Bordet of France won Silver in 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women Junior (Image Courtesy: Youtube)

20-year-old Xu Hong of China claimed Gold on her debut in the 50m Rifle 3 positions event. Hong occupied the sixth position after the Kneeling series and the fourth position after the Prone. She wrested the lead in the standing position and took the Gold with some consistent shooting.

Gold - Hong Xu (CHN) 456.6, Silver - Jade Bordet (FRA) 455.5, Bronze - Maria Ivanova (RUS) 443.2. 46th Place - Bhakti Bhaskar Khamkar (IND) 1132, 49th Place - Shirin Godara (IND) 1130, 55th Place - Ayushi Podder (IND) 1121.

» 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women Junior Team

China took the team Gold ahead of the USA with a difference of 13 points. Indian shooters failed to establish themselves finishing in the 14th spot.

Gold - China 3474 (Hong Xu 1165, Qiaoying Zhang 1162, Fanghui Chen 1147)

Silver - United States of America 3461 (Morgan Phillips 1171, Elizabeth Marsh 1148, Kristen Shae Hemphill 1142)

Bronze - Russia 3458 (Maria Ivanova 1160, Veronika Pavlova 1151, Tatiana Kharkova 1147)

14th Place - India 3383 (Bhakti Bhaskar Khamkar 1132, Shirin Godara 1130, Ayushi Podder 1121)

» 50m Rifle Prone Women Junior

(Image Courtesy: PZSS)
Aleksandra Szutko of Poland won Bronze in 50m Rifle Prone Women Junior (Image Courtesy: PZSS)

Zhang of China took the Gold with a spectacular display of shooting in the 5th series scoring 105.1 in total with all her marks being 10.3 or higher.

Gold - Qiaoying Zhang (CHN) 622.2, Silver - Rebecca Koeck (AUT) 619.5, Bronze - Aleksandra Szutko (POL) 619.3. 22nd Place - Bhakti Bhaskar Khamkar (IND) 613.6, 45th Place - Ayushi Podder (IND) 605.5, 52nd Place - Shirin Godara (IND) 602.2.

» 50m Rifle Prone Women Junior Team

Austria, however, took the team Gold ahead of China with consistent performance from their other two shooters. India finished in a disappointing 12th position.

Gold - Austria 1855 (Rebecca Koeck 619.5, Sheileen Waibel 617.8, Verena Zaisberger 617.7)

Silver - China 1847 (Qiaoying Zhang 622.2, Hong Xu 615.6, Fanghui Chen 609.2)

Bronze - United States of America 1846.3 (Morgan Phillips 618.8, Katie Lorraine Zaun 614.2, Elizabeth Marsh 613.3)

12th Place - India 1821.3 (Bhakti Bhaskar Khamkar 613.6, Ayushi Podder 605.5, Shirin Godara 602.2)

» 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team Junior

Benetti and Suppini of Italy won the Gold with some spectacular shooting display in the final series of three shots creating a new Junior World record in the process. India shot brilliantly to take the Bronze medal.

Gold - Italy1 499 (WRJ) (Sofia Benetti, Marco Suppini)

Silver - Iran1 497.7 (Sadeghian Armina, Amir Mohammad Nekounam)

Bronze - India2 435 (Shreya Agrawal, Divyansh Singh Panwar)

13th Place - India1 829.5 (Elavenil Valarivan, Hriday Hazarika)

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