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Interview with Pedro Causil - multiple-time roller skating World Champion

1.62K   //    30 Aug 2013, 00:01 IST

Pedro Causil from Colombia recently won the gold medal in the 200 meters competition at the World Speed Skating Championships (Getty Images)

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Pedro Causil of Colombia. Causil is one of the most accomplished skating champions in the world.

Post his 200m victory yesterday, I got down to having a brief chat with Causil post his victory in the 200m at the World Speed Skating Championships.

In India, recognition for roller skating as a sport is at a minimum. So I was curious to know what it was like to be a national hero in Colombia where roller skating is the national sport.

What is it like to be the celebrity that you are to your country?

In Colombia, skating is a really important sport so when we skate, all we want to give our countrymen is a little bit of happiness when we win golds. In Colombia there are a lot of problems, so to us, being in the spotlight allows us to do something to give the country some happiness and respite from all of that.

In relation to that, I know Colombian football is very popular and is known globally. So to help understand how big the sport is in the country, could you tell me how popular skating is as compared to football?

Skating is most important after football. In Colombia we earn a lot of golds, so that makes it the second biggest sport there. So we have to try and keep that momentum and support for the sport going. This sport’s popularity allows us as athletes to have a great life and great things. So as we win, we see more and more kids working at their skating so that makes us really happy so see the sport gaining more and more support.

You have won so many world titles and championships so far. Do you feel the pressure less every time you race in an international event? Does it get less nerve racking for you?

I think it’s the same every year. The competition is always really hard. I feel that if you don’t feel nervous before your race, it’s really because you don’t care enough. If you really care, you have to be nervous because this is really important for you and for your life.


Considering that roller skating is not an Olympic sport, have you ever considered moving to a career in ice skating?

Yes, I have considered it for sure. However I have to keep in mind I’m not 17 or 18 anymore, I am 22 years old. It’s a long process for us to make the move from roller skating to ice skating. Sometimes I think I should give it a shot, but then I must also consider everything I have to lose if my move is unsuccessful or if my ice career is not as brilliant as my roller skating one.

Of the many races in which you participate in, which would be your favourite?

My favourite race? My favourite race is really, most definitely the 300m time trials.

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