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5 sports that will make you want to go back to childhood

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13 Jan 2015, 21:19 IST

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”  -Tom StoppardThere was a time when we were young. A time when there were no worries, no responsibilities, no headaches due to stress and no regrets. A time when the greatest tension was created when someone got a better pencil in class than you did. Or the time when we were ever so impatient, waiting for the final bell to mark the end of school for the day. That was the glorious past. The past which was full of enjoyment, mostly of sports and a little of academics. The little games we used to play, and how they still continue to teach us.So here are some of the childhood games that will take you down memory lane:

#5 Stapoo/Hopscotch

A game that very subtly taught us the basic rules of addition and subtraction without us even realizing that. Stapoo, the game which could be played in a room or a yard etched into our minds the despair that a few inches here or there could cause. In the game, as in life, the little inches are the ones that matter.

Hopscoth was a true test of leg strength and throwing ability. If the stone landed outside the box, your chance would have gotten over. We all remember this little game with fond memories.

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