8 FIFA 14 tricks that will make you a Pro


FIFA has been that kind of a game where you just don’t play it alone anymore. It has become more like a contest, especially when among friends, to show them your pedigree, and how cool of a professional player you are. If it is not, well then it should be. I’ve been an avid FIFA player for quite a while now, however I mostly play it offline, either alone or mostly with pals. In the quest of being a better player, I’ve come across many tricks and tips that certainly helped my gameplay altogether, making my moves unpredictable, thus unleashing the ultimate pwnage.Here are 10 tricks that will definitely help you out in FIFA, especially if you have just picked up the game:

#1 Chipped-through ball pass

This is not really atrick that people dont know about. But, until and unless you perfect the pass, it will barely serve your purpose.

Chipped-through ball pass which is somewhat similar to the usualLob Pass is generally great for counter-attacks, especially if the team has wide-attacking, pacey wingers to complement the techniquePulling off an accuratethrough ball is tougher than what it looks like.To do a chipped-through ball, all you have to do is press the player modifier/changebutton and the through ball button.This helpsduring counter-attacks when the opposition team is unsettled.

A well though-out pass could lead to a goal for you,but if you fail to perfect the time, power, placement and speed, it is a very hard-nut to crack. Just focus on the timing and power, and this technique will win you championships.It is basically a high risk, high reward pass.

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