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5 amazing goals scored directly from corner kicks

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Thierry Henry scored directly from a corner for New York Red Bulls in the MLS.Call it a fluke of nature, or just bad positioning from the goalkeeper. Or a combination of both. The truth is, direct goals from corner kicks are as rare as Antonio Valencia crossing with his left foot.For one, you have to be incredibly accurate with your kick. Two, there needs to be enough swerve and dip on the ball to make the goalkeeper wonder whether he can catch it or just let it go. But the most important thing is the fear of getting it wrong. Because then you just look an idiot as your teammates swear at you for making them come up for the corner, only to see you blast it over to the other side.But direct goals from corners do happen, and here are five of the best.

#1 Diego Forlan

At one point in time, Diego Forlan was the apparently the worst footballer on the planet. Signed by Sir Alex Ferguson for his ability to score goals willy-nilly, Forlan had a disappointing time at Manchester United, failing to make an impact and being guilty of missing easy chances at the worst possible moment.

But the public perception changed in his time at Atletico Madrid and then in the 2010 World Cup, where Forlan was in imperious form.

Upon leaving Inter Milan in 2012, Forlan joined Brazilian side Internacional, where, in a match against Fluminense, he did this:

#2 Joey Barton

Yes, you read that right. Full-time entertainer and part-time philosopher Joey Barton managed to find some time in his busy schedule to play quality football.

After leaving the English shores to join up with French Ligue 1 giants Marseille, Barton announced himself to his French fans with a wonderful, curling goal from a corner kick.

And don’t let the poor quality of the video fool you. It is, in fact, Joey Barton scoring from the corner in a match against Borussia Monchengladbach.

#3 David Beckham


It’s ye old “Goldenballs” who’s next up on our list, with a strike during his stint in the MLS with Los Angeles Galaxy. The set-piece specialist scored a number of fantastic goals when he played in the United States, but this one will long be remembered.

The phrase “Bend it like Beckham” was never truer, as the former English international bamboozled the goalkeeper with a curling, dipping strike to put his side into the lead.

In the dying minutes, with the score tied at 1-1, Beckham came up with a beauty to beat Chicago Fire 2-1.

#4 Thierry Henry

Another former EPL star on our list, and another cracking goal from the MLS. This time it’s Arsenal legend Thierry Henry for the New York Red Bulls.

Maybe there is something to that league that brings out the genius in a footballer. Either that or they are really bored and want to spice things up.

Judging from the commentator’s reaction, you can tell it is a special strike. For a moment, the goalkeeper expects the ball to sail over the crossbar. And then a moment later, it bounces past him into the net.

#5 Roberto Carlos

Ah, yes. The master of impossible goals is once again in a special list. Forget the banana kick against France or that goal from near the touchline that defied physics – this is the real deal.

The then 37-year-old was playing for Corinthians and scored against Portuguesa from a quickly taken corner. The goalkeeper momentarily steps up from his line, and Carlos spots it, firing in a low fizzing drive that goes behind the keeper and into the net.

Sheer brilliance! 

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