10 actors who would perfectly fit these iconic game characters


Video-games have always been a poor inspiration for movie adaptation. No matter how skilled the director is, many of such movies turn out to be damp squibs. If you need to be quoted examples, may I remind you of the horrendous movie remakes of the Resident Evil series, Max Payne, Lara Croft, Super Mario Bros. etc.However, Hollywood, as always, never gives up as it keeps on looking to consoles for inspirations. So in the near future, we have a movie remake of Assassin’s Creed, toplined by Michael Fassbender. We also have another remake of the Hitman series, though the trailers have not met with quite a favorable response.Anyways, if the West keeps on looking to remake famous video games as movies, I would suggest they would take on the below actors for the following roles.

#10 Agent 47 (Hitman) Jason Statham

I know there is another Hitman movie adaptation coming around the corner, starring Rupert Friend. I know there was a previous iteration, which screwed up all the good work the reclusive assassin had done all the years on the console. Not sure what to blame on, but I do believe the right actor for role has to be a badass actor, and the best fit in that category is the Transporter star, Jason Statham. He has the right build, the right baldness and even the right badassery to own the role. Please, studios, just one better Hitman movie…

#9 The Witcher (The Witcher) Jason Momoa

The fearless monster-slayer, whose exploits can make or break kingdoms, also need an actor whose brawny muscles and scarred face is enough to depict the horrors the Witcher must have gone thorugh. Jason Mamoa, better known as Khal Drogo from the Game of Thrones, is already known for playing warrior-type characters, as in the titular role in Conan and as Aquaman in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. With his rugged looks and piercing eyes, he can own the role of the Witcher better than any actor in the industry.

#8 Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) George Clooney

George Clooney is a cool cat, even at the age of fifty. Though he has played Batman with disastrous results, he has become a legend since then. He definitely needs a video-game character that he could seep right into. Sam Fisher is also one of the cool cats of the action games, and with his age and charm, Clooney could blend just right in. It’s also a long time since we have seen him in a proper action movie, so this would be the perfect opportunity to make a nice comeback. If he drags in his best friends, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, Voila!!! You have a blockbuster in making…

#7 Max Payne (Max Payne 3) Bryan Cranston

I know that Max Payne is already a victim of poor film adaptation, starring Mark Wahlberg as the titular character. The shoddiness of the film basically killed the film franchise. However, the character is so popular that it deserves another movie adaptation that should be much, much better. Max Payne 3 is more grounded and less dark than the previous iterations, so it should be the one that needs to be considered. Instead of Markie, it’s better to have ‘Breaking Bad’ fame Bryan Cranston to take the role. After all, the meth dealer Walter White is so much similar to the alcoholic ex-cop.

#6 Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) Emilia Clarke

Angelina Jolie owns this role, I agree. But the movie sucks big time, and definitely needs a rehash. Since Mrs Pitt has moved on to better things (like directing), and age has caught up with her, it’s better to pass on the role to a worthy successor. Enter another candidate, a Game of Thrones progeny, in Emilia Clarke. Already reprising the classic role of Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys, she has the bad-ass spunk and sexiness to take on the most drool-worthy kick-ass female gaming heroine of all time.

#5 Ellie (The Last of Us) Ellen Page

A no-brainer, definitely. The lead character of the psychological horror game looks very much like the Juno actress, so much that Ellen Page had even filed a lawsuit against the gaming company for using her facial resemblance. Even the names sound similar. So when you already have an actress that looks like your gaming character, why do you even need to search for another?

#4 Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

If we would have made the film in the 80’s the best actor to play the hero from the Metal Gear Solid series, the perfect man to play the role would have been Kurt Russell. Now that the ‘Escape From New York’ star has grown a bit old, the best man from the current crop of actors to play the role would be the swash-buckling, incestuous Kingslayer from the epic series ‘Game of thrones. He is a daredevil, who is also known for his sarcastic humor. And he needs to have some good projects on big screen instead of trask like ‘The Other Woman’.

#3 Kratos (God of War) Dwayne Johnson

This should be no brainer, actually. Kratos is the adventure loving, God-opposing warrior, who loves fights and his ladies. Why, he even has the dare to take on Zeus, the God of gods. So he is to be played by an actor, who, on the first look itself, we should not dare to cross with. That’s where the former WWE star and the actor, now known as Franchise Viagara, comes in play. He has the muscles, the smirk and even the bald pate. So perfect…so perfect…and he has even played Hercules!!!

#2 Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) Edward Norton

Ed Norton is known for playing unconventional roles, and what better unconventional role to play than the lead game character of Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman. The brilliant hero from the horror game series is quirky yet brave soul. Norton has played both heroes and villains in his illustrious career, therefore he would gel with the game character, that has quite grey shades of its own. Plus, he can carry off the French beard look very well.

#1 Nathan Drake (Unchartered) Nathan Fillion

Apart from the sharing of the first name, there are a lot of characteristics about the star from ‘Serenity’ and ‘Castle’ to play the iconic hero of the Unchartered series. Both are known for their acerbic dry wit, as well as their unconventional good looks. Nathan Fillion’s devil-may-care attitude in ‘Serenity’ and ‘Firefly’, the show on which the former movie is based, is a perfect fit for the character. Even though Nathan Drake is actually based on the ‘Bad Grandpa’ star Johnny Knoxville, we can’t help help but notice the facial similarities between Fillion and Drake.

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