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10 Video Games You Can Play Over And Over Again

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A long, long time ago, citizens of the good old U.S of A thought that the greatest source of entertainment  a man could ever get was in the casinos of Las Vegas. Then god implanted the beautiful idea of video games in man’s imagination and the rest, as they say, is history.The world has seen millions of video game since their inception in the late ‘40s, and while some have rapidly faded away from people’s memories, others have carved a permanent niche for themselves in history and are still loved, and played by countless gamers all over the world even today.Keeping that in mind, I present to you 10 video games you can play over and over again.

#1 Super Mario Bros

Not giving this phenomenal, beloved video game the top spot on this list would be a heinous crime. Super Mario Bros has really stood the test of time in a world filled with sophisticated graphics and next generation consoles, and is still loved by millions of hardcore gamers despite initially releasing over 30 years ago. The world’s love affair with the Italian plumber clearly isn’t over, and it’ll most likely never be. 

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