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The 10 Best game trailers

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Before playing the game, we are always tempted to see its trailer. It is the first thing that attracts us towards the game. If the trailer is really catchy, then for sure we’ll think of giving the game a try. If it has failed to impress us, then for nothing in the world we’ll even play the game. Along with good graphics, the trailer should also give us a hint of the story. If you cant’ even understand the trailer, then why do you even bother buying the game.So here we are, with the top 10 game trailers.

#10 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

CoD: Adavanced Warfare offered us what other first person shooter games couldn’t. There are a number of things which makes AW the best FPS till date. First in the involvement of great hollywood actor, Kevin Spacey. Even if you don’t want to play the game(which will never happen), you will see it for the sake of big names like this.

And the second is the Exo-suit. The exosuit allowed the players to do whatever they felt was correct. Both the graphics and story combined with a mind blowing gameplay makes CoD: AW a wonderful game to play. See the trailer here.

#9 Splinter Cell: Conviction

Tom Clancy’s games never seem to be boring, ever. Released in 2012, with Splinter Cell: Conviction, the story of Sam Fisher took a sharp turn when he unveils that his daughter has been kidnapped. Now, Sam sets out on a personal mission to find out who and why his daughter is kidnapped.

The trailer showed all the qualities that Sam possess and the rightful use of it, and the game also remained true to the stealth genre providing various stealth missions. Check out the trailer here.

#8 Crysis

The year 2007 marked the birth of a game series which would become a saga. Crysis is one of the few FPS which managed to capture the audiences attention away from CoD or Battlefield. The gameplay which Crysis featured, no other game had it at that time.

In the game, you are a soldier who is wearing a scientifically developed suit which give you extra speed, agility, strength and life. Crysis proved to be both a commercial and critical acheivement. You can see the trailer here.


#7 Assassin\'s Creed: Unity

Set in the era of French revolution, Assassin’s Creed Unity blew out our minds with its trailer. For the first time, you can join with four of your friends and play the co-op missions. When I first saw the trailer of AC: Unity, I was initially feeling as if I was watching a movie trailer.

The crowd and the expressions of the French officer who was seen in the trailer looked like a real man’s face. After seeing the trailer, everyone expected huge from Unity, but the game fell short because if its glitches and hanging problems. See the trailer here.

#6 God of War 3

In 2010. the much awaited trailer of the sequel of God of War 2 was released. Soon upon it’s release the game received much anticipation and the people expected huge from Sony Computer Entertainment to provide what they promised in the trailer.

And it turns out that the studio didn’t disappoint. The game had the fury and all sorts of violence. Truth to be told, this game had more violence than the first two and also provided a satisfying conclusion to the series. See the trailer here.

#5 Elder Scrolls Online

With this game, the Elder Scroll universe enters the online gaming world. The game is a massive multiplayer game wherein you have to select one of the three different groups and have to fight with your enemies.

The trailer of the game is released in 3 parts. All the trailers made us believe that Elder Scrolls will be the best RPG ever. And it did prove the point. The open world with millions of stuff other than the main quest made the gamers hooked to the game over many hours. Click here to see the trailer.

#4 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Are you a Tolkien or Lord of the Rings fan? Then Shadow of Mordor is the right game for you. When the trailer was first released, no one had the idea how the game would turn out. And now, the game is taking away numerous Game of the Year awards.

The trailer shows that you play as a ranger stationed in Gondor but the enemies kill your family and an ancient elf-spirit latches itself to you giving extra abilities. The game was met with widespread acclaim with everyone praising the open world gameplay and the combat.  See the trailer here.

#3 God of War: Ascension

GoW: Ascension lets us to look at the more human part of Kratos. The super bowl trailer of the game was partly shot with real scenery and people and the rest was graphically done. I don’t know how Sony managed to do it, but I’m glad that they did it.

The background score in the trailer was matching the environment that they were trying to create and it was captured really well as Kratos did a phenomenal job. You actually feel bad for him. For those who haven’t seen, I strongly recommend you to see the trailer just by clicking here.

#2 Batman: Arkham Knight

With the death of Joker in Arkham City, no one expected that there would be a sequel. In turn, the next installment of the series was a prequel, “Batman Arkham Origins”. But last year, Rocksteady released the trailer of their next game in the series, “Batman: Arkham Knight”.

The trailer literally blew up my mind and for the first time in the Arkham series, this game would feature the Batmobile which will be a playable feature in the game. The game is the concluding chapter of the Arkham series and features a villian, the Arkham Knight, who was specially designed for this game. To check out the trailer, click here.

#1 Uncharted 4: A Thief\'s End

After Uncharted 3, the next question on everyone’s mind was, “When is the next Uncharted releasing?”. Their thoughts were answered when the trailer of the upcoming title of the series was released. And the trailer was mind blowing.

The amount of detailing which was there in the trailer is realistic to the top notch. Soon after, the studios also released the video showcasing the gameplay. After seeing both the trailers, we can be sure that Uncharted 4, is going to blow up our minds. Check out the trailer here.

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