Pete Rose places first legal Sports Bet in Ohio

San Diego Padres v Cincinnati Reds
Pete Rose is a member of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.

Sports betting went live in Ohio on January 1, 2023, and in a great move by the state, they had Pete Rose place the first wager.

While it was a fantastic marketing ploy by Ohio and the Hard Rock Casino, it was an odd move by Rose.

Pete Rose is one of the greatest baseball players of all time; he holds the all-time hit record. Rose had 4,256 hits in his career -- 65 more than second-placed Ty Cobb and 1,617 more than the active leader, Robison Cano -- who may have taken his last at-bat.

Despite his incredible accomplishments, he is not in the MLB Hall of Fame. Why? He broke the cardinal rule of the sport; while he was a manager, he bet on games and received a lifetime ban from baseball.

There aren't many things one can do to receive a ban from baseball, but anything that affects the integrity of the game will receive severe punishment.

Pete Rose's Relationship with Betting

After doing something so horrible to the sport Rose claims to love, one would think he would do everything in his power to distance himself from it. Instead, however, he has done the opposite.

Rose lives in Las Vegas and spends many of his days in a sports memorabilia shop, making a living taking pictures and giving autographs. It's a dramatic turn from his playing career, where he rarely gave out autographs at the risk of diminishing its value.

It may be due to a downturn in personal finances, but Rose will likely do anything for a buck these days. This most recent move with the Hard Rock Casino shows Rose has no problem with his name forever being associated with gambling.

This is the equivalent of Barry Bonds endorsing steroids. Instead of trying to disavow and turn away from the thing that put Rose in trouble, he has embraced it.

While some may see this as respectable, accepting his fate and moving on to the next thing. That's not what's happening. Rose is constantly appealing his ban, typically when MLB instates a new commissioner.

No commission will reinstate a guy banned for betting on baseball and is now the poster child for gambling. It would be a bad look for the sport, and Rose needs to either give up gambling connections or give up on baseball.

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