Matt Le Tissier's daughter-in-law slammed for ill-timed queen joke to promote OnlyFans account

The Saints legend
The Saints legend's daughter-in-law is slammed

Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier's daughter-in-law got herself into hot water for an ill-timed joke about the late Queen Elizabeth II to promote her OnlyFans account, as per Daily Star.

Alex Le Tissier was branded "vile and disrespectful" when she posted a photo of a Southampton bag, captioned:

"Southampton's Queen is alive and well, and she's also bought some treats! Stay Tuned!"

The joke didn't go down well, with Alex Le Tissier being urged to delete her social media account.

A user posted:

"Can someone get that Alex Le Tissier taken off Twitter, she's vile. The disrespect is on another level."

Another user commented:

"That tweet has really made me angry... absolutely no class whatsoever."

A third slammed the model, saying:

"Knowing Alex Le Tissier she'd find a way to use the Queen's death to promote her OnlyFans".

Alex Le Tissier has her own OnlyFans account and works for adult chat television channel Babestation.

The model is married to Matt Le Tissier's son Mitch and often posts raunchy pictures of herself in Southampton kits online to her 5,500 followers.

However, it is not the first time a Le Tissier has run into trouble as her father-in-law has become a polarizing figure too.

The legendary Southampton striker has made controversial claims over a number of topics including COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Premier League hero was dropped by Sky Sports last year and left an ambassadorial role with Southampton due to his theories.

@Stephen35571589 @SouthamptonFC He's chased one too many conspiracies. This one goes too far.

Alex Le Tissier apologizes for Queen joke but claims to be victim of sexist abuse

The model has since apologized for the joke whilst making her Twitter account private:

"I apologise to anyone I have offended by my last tweet it was in poor taste. It's been deleted."

However, she is adamant that she is a victim of sexist abuse, adding:

"It was a dark humoured joke. I guess freedom of speech or the term snowflake is only used when you guys approve of it."

She continued,

"If a male comedian pulled a dark humoured joke you'd laugh. Because I'm Alex le tissier you're using it as a method/ a golden ticket to pile up on me. It's honestly so boring. If you were so concerned about the queens passing you wouldn't be on Twitter arguing with me (sic)."

The model added:

"A woman was born into royalty and served her whole life. I act respect that and she didn't choose to be a royal (sic)."
"But do I agree with the monarchy? No I don't. I'm entitled to that opinion, as you are yours. The reason I mention gender is because men everyday pull questionable jks (sic)."

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