10 crazy and weird sports that you didn't know existed!

If you think that Ice Hockey and Kabaddi are dangerous, you will change your opinion after this. So, here are the 10 craziest, weirdest sports you don’t know but exist!

#10 – Shin Kicking

Well, the name says it all!

Where is it played: England.

Do I really need to explain how this works?

Shin Kicking has a 400 year history and it is still played today. The rules are simple. You should make your opponent fall down on his knees by kicking him in his shin! If you do so, you win a round. A match consists of three rounds and the person who wins two out of them is declared as the winner!

#9 – Skibobbing

There’s no actual way to stop the Skibob other than crashing!

Where is it played: Alps and some parts of USA

Okay. It is not skiing and it is not snow biking. You could call it as a combination of both of them.

There are no rules and probably no winners, but there is an International Federation of Skibobbing. So, what do you do in this? You attach a skibob (which is somewhat like a snow bike capable of reaching 120 mph) to your feet and you just go. There is no way of stopping the skibob unless you crash or hit something.

#8 – Chess Boxing

Looking for a checkmate inside a boxing ring

Where is it played: Finland.

Well, the name suggests it all. The ultimate test for brain and battle supremacy!

There are 11 rounds. Each round consist of 4 minutes of chess and 4 minutes of crazy boxing. You can either win by a checkmate or a knockout. It really is interesting!

#7 – Kitewing

Just before taking off into thin air!

Where is it played: Finland

This one is brilliant! Humans never give up the dream of flying, and Kitewing is the latest adventure that they have devised to make that happen.

It is essentially skiing plus flying. You ski with a device called Kitewing in your arms, and this device provides you the necessary lift at high speeds to take off and fly!

When you will come back to the ground is a question which nobody knows the answer. Extremely dangerous but growing in popularity.

#6 – Ultimate Tazer Ball

Tazering the player with the ball

Where is it played: United Kingdom and USA

There is a gigantic ball and you have to put that ball into the net. The game is usually played in the freezing cold and all players have tazer guns with them.

The opposing players can use the gun on the player who is currently carrying the ball. The tazer will emit around 5 milli amps of electricity which is enough to bring down a person!

#5 – Hornussen

Home Team end – Hornuss Launcher

Away Team end – Trying to protect the ball from hitting ground

Where is it played: Switzerland

There are two teams – home and away. Each team consists of 18 players. The pitch is a very long straight ground spanning at least half a kilometer.

The home team launches a small, rubber like projectile called as the hornuss using a very large rod. The hornuss can travel at high speeds, clearing 300 m very easily! The away team, which is standing at the other end of the pitch, have shields with them. They should prevent the very small and extremely fast hornuss from hitting the ground. If they fail, the home team wins that round. The hornuss, which is very hard to locate, can cause serious damage when it strikes a person.

There is a pro league and the season carries on for an entire year.

# 4 – Bossaball

Bossaball striker kicking the ball

Where is it played: Mainly in Spain and Brazil

This game is the combination of volleyball, football, trampoline and some martial arts.

There is a Bossaball court (which is nothing but an inflatable volleyball court) with a trampoline at the front. Teams can comprise of five players, and one player (like the striker) should be played on the trampoline. The other rules are just like volleyball, but you can use overhead kicks and other crazy stuff to score a point.

You win if your team reaches 25 points.

# 3 – Underwater Upsidedown Hockey

Under freezing water!

Where is it played: Finland, Austria, Germany and other European nations.

The Finns are the world leaders in creating crazy sports, it seems!

This is not ice hockey or hockey, that is obvious. This is also not underwater hockey, which is just played inside a swimming pool. This is more than that.

Players with wet suits enter ponds and lakes that are frozen on the surface. Inside the freezing pond, they turn upside down and use the frozen surface as the playing area to pass the puck!

And what’s more, they do not use any breathing instruments! They just play and get out to get some air when they can’t hold their breath any more.

# 2 – Hurling

Fastest sport on grass

Where is it played: Ireland

Probably the most authentic sport in this entire list. Also, the most terrorizing sport and officially, the fastest sport on grass.

It is a combination of football, hockey, lacrosse and rugby amongst all others. The finals of the league in Ireland is usually watched by 80,000 – 90,000 people, and it is arguably the most famous sport in the country. Hurling also has a history of 3000 years!

Each team has 15 players and they play with the aim of getting the ball into the net. If the ball is in air, they can use their hands to catch it. If it is in the ground, it must be picked up by their sticks. The game is played at the speed of light and the ball can travel at 120-130 mph at frightening heights.

Till date, no other country other than Ireland is prepared to play the game because of the obvious dangers. But in Ireland, the Hurling players consider it a shame to wear helmets during the game!

Take a look at this video to see how crazy this actually is:


# 1 – Royal Shrovetide Football

Craziest Football match in the world!

Where is it played: Ashbourne, England

There is only one rule – No murder. This game has been played since the 12th Century.

Twice every year, at 2 pm, a football is thrown into a mob consisting of two teams – The Up’Ards and Down’Ards. There is a goal post which is nothing but a big wall on either side of Ashbourne, separated by a three mile distance.

There is no official playing area, as the entire town is included within the three mile radius. There is no limit on the number of participants and even tourists can participate. The game is usually played from 2 pm till 10 pm. The ball is a specially designed ball which does not break and floats in water. The game ends when a player bangs the ball three times on the wall.

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