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10 Pro Wrestlers With Olympic Backgrounds

Before they were household WWE Superstars, they were Olympians.

Feature 03 Aug 2016, 20:27 IST
Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. 

Professional wrestling and the Olympics have never really had a close marriage, per say. Many of the amateur wrestling purists look down on pro wrestling, as if it's some sort of insult to the sport. In a way, I can understand where they're coming from.

However, many of today's and yesterday's wrestling stars have come from some sort of Olympic background. 

Of course the most popular in today's minds, when it comes to wrestlers with an Olympic background, would probably be Kurt Angle. Angle is undoubtedly an Olympic and professional wrestling legend. He has also been a huge supporter and fighter of keeping wrestling as an Olympic sport.

Aside from just wrestling, there have been many other Olympic games that proverbial wrestlers have competed in over the years. Whether it's basketball, martial arts, weightlifting or track and field, wrestling and the Olympic games are much closer than you may think.

Here's a look at 10 wrestlers with some sort of Olympic background.

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