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2012 Editors’ Choice Writer Awards: Humor Article of the Year

Humor 21 Dec 2012, 17:04 IST

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Our announcement of the winners of the 2012 Sportskeeda Writer Awards continues! Today’s first category: Humor Article of the Year.

This award is for the article that the editors felt was the wittiest and funniest of all the articles published in the year. Here are the nominees for the award:

Satire: An interview with Roman Abramovich (written by Souvik)

An irrelevant review of an irrelevant tournament (written by jamesroy)

Who are you ‘kid’ding? (written by Stump Cam)

Hi Roman, can I be the new manager? (written by ktbffh)

What really happened during India’s CB series (written by sarcasan)

Being John Terry: An English tragedy (Satire) (written by ktbffh)

In Shastri’s domain (written by Thunderdog)

CM Punk’s Facebook Wall Revealed (written by vandiablo)

The unbearable sadness of being CR7 (written by TacheyDelBosque)

The Rock’s Facebook timeline revealed (written by vandiablo)

Comic: Why Chelsea haven’t been scoring under Benitez (written by slightlyonside)

Why do girls watch football? (written by GunnerGirl)

And the award goes to…..it’s a tie between “In Shastri’s domain” and “Hi Roman, can I be the new manager?”!

Two of the finest humor pieces you’ll ever get to read! Bravo, Thunderdog and ktbffh!

And, of course, kudos to all the other writers who made the shortlist too!

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