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2012 Editors’ Choice Writer Awards: Standout Article of the Year

News 21 Dec 2012, 20:40 IST

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Our announcement of the winners of the 2012 Sportskeeda Writer Awards continues! Today’s second category: Standout Article of the Year.

This award is for the article that the editors felt created the biggest impact among all the articles published during the year. Here are the nominees for the award:

A deadly love: Arsenal and Manchester United (written by Shreyas)

Right isn’t always right: Why batting left-handed is better (written by Garfield Robinson)

The most famous shape in football – the Triangle (written by Feras Suwan)

The 10 Most Influential Captains of the Modern Era: Francesco Totti (written by Parth Shah)

The Immortal Checkmate (written by sumedhnatu)

In Shastri’s domain (written by Thunderdog)

Kickabout in the desert sands – A different perspective on Arab football (written by Ahmed Hashim)

Remembering Bias: What basketball lost in 1986 (written by darthsid)

What is ‘beautiful’ football? (written by Priya Ramesh)

How do ‘worked shoots’ work in the WWE? (written by Akhilesh)

The Ballad of Santhi Soundarjan (written by Nikhil M. Nair)

WWF: The characters and the life lessons (written by Arjun Mohan)

To Peter ‘the Great Dane’ Gade (written by Vineeth Krishnan)

RvP – An incomplete legend! (written by jaideep18)

Ubuntu Forever (written by Hoopistani)

The Professor of life at the limit: a farewell to Dr. Sid Watkins (written by drBaltar25)

The Legend of Isiah Thomas (written by darthsid)

The greatest footballers of all time – No. 2 (written by Parth Shah)

Heroes don’t exist (written by KC)

The Story of The Sheikh and The Engineer – Malaga’s Road to Greatness (written by Ahmed Hashim)

And the award goes to…..”The Ballad of Santhi Soundarajan”!

That was a once-in-a-lifetime article by Nikhil M. Nair! Absolutely amazing stuff.

And, of course, kudos to all the other writers who made the shortlist with their wonderful articles!

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