4 Card games to play this Diwali

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Modified 06 Nov 2018
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Playing card games are almost synonymous with Diwali in India. Playing these games is not only fun but is also a great way to spend some quality time with family and those close friends. There are a host of games that one could play with an international deck of playing cards, and in this article, let us look closer at the four playing card games that you could play with friends and family this Diwali.

#1 Blackjack

Blackjack is a game where there are no player restrictions, and one always plays against the dealer while competing against each other. The primary objective of the game is to beat the dealer, which can be done in a multitude of ways.

  • The first two cards that are dealt could add up to 21 points (Blackjack), and the dealer's cards do not add up to 21.
  • Ensure that your final score is greater than the dealer's score, while also being less than 21 as a score greater than this value disqualifies you from the round.
  • Force the dealer to draw more cards such that his total tally is more than 21.

The basic version of the game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to the player, either face up or face down. The dealer deals two cards to himself, in which only one card is face up. The dealer's second card is revealed when the player decides to call the dealer. It is at this point that the value of the dealer's cards is checked and compared with the player's cards, and the winner of the round is decided by the rules mentioned above.

The joker card is almost always excluded from this game.

#2 Bluff/Cheat

The bluff/cheat is a card game that can be played with the international deck of 52 cards. There are no player restrictions, and one could play the game with more than a single pack of cards.

The game begins with a player dealing the cards to other players in equal number until the entire set is completed. Taking turns, the players must put at least one card on the table face down. After placing the card, the player is required to call the cards without actually revealing them. One could either tell the truth or bluff about their card combination. The other players can continue dealing the cards or call a specific player for a bluff. If the challenge is right, the player who bluffed needs to take all the cards as a punishment. Otherwise, the player who challenged must take all the cards on the table. However, one should note that calling the cards should always start from aces and go upwards in value.

The player who places all the cards on the table first is declared as the winner.

The joker card is almost always excluded from this game.

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Published 06 Nov 2018
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