5 Indian father-son duos who played the same sport

Ashok Kumar scored the winning goal at the 1975 World Cup

India as a country has always been centred on the notion of the family. Despite various linguistic divides, one thing that has always been common is the belonging to a particular group of people known as the family.The sporting landscape isn’t much different; it’s quite common to see members of the same family participate in sports, that have been a part of their hereditary lineage.The most common relationship, which proliferates into Indian sport is the father-son one. These duos have not only played the sport, but have also represented the country at the international level.

#1 Major Dhyan Chand and Ashok Kumar (Hockey)

Ashok Kumar scored the winning goal at the 1975 World Cup

Dhyan Chand was considered one of the best hockey players not only in India, but in the world. The 1936 Olympics in Berlin also saw Adolf Hitler request him to don the colours of Germany, which he refused.

However, most people forget his son Ashok Kumar’s contribution to the sport in India. Kumar scored the winning goal at the 1975 World Cup final against Pakistan in Kuala-Lumpur. It still remains to be the last major tournament won by the Indian hockey national team.

#2 Lala and Mohinder Amarnath (Cricket)

Lala Amarnath was Indias first test centurion

The father (Lala) is the India’s first ever test match centurion and the son (Mohinder) was the man of the match at the 1983 Cricket World Cup final. Lala Amarnath was considered one of the best all-rounders of all time and both his Surinder and Mohinder would go onto represent India.

In fact, Surinder like his father would go onto score a century on debut. This would also make them the only father-son pair in cricket history to do so. However, it was Mohinder, who would become India’s go-to man in difficult situation, in terms of both batting and bowling.

#3 Vicky and Karun Chandhok (Motorsports)

Vicky Chandhok and Karun Chandhok are the first father-son duo in motorsports

Motorsports is a relatively new sport in India, despite that fact, the country has made several strides in the sport. However, the sport’s first ever Indian father-son duo came from the southern city of Chennai.

Karun is only the second Indian to represent India in Formula 1, during his time at Hispania Racing in 2010. The only other India to achieve that feat was Narain Karthikeyan. Vicky Chandhok is a multiple-time national rallying champions and is also the head of FMSCI (Federation of Motorsports and Council of India).

#4 Yograj Singh and Yuvraj Singh (Cricket)

Yograj represeted India in only 1 test match

In this case, the son has had a far more illustrious career as compared to the father. Yograj Singh represented India for only one test and ODI in 1981. However, in several interviews he stated that his goal was always to see his son become one of the best in the world.

Yuvraj Singh has played 293 ODI’s and 40 test matches for India, he has also been pivotal the country’s victories at the 2007 and 2011 World Cups.

He came-back from cancer, to represent India again.

#5 Ramanathan and Ramesh Krishnan (Tennis)

Ramanathan Krishnan reached the world no. 6 spot

Ramanathan Krishnan was India’s first world-class tennis players. The highlight of his career came when he reached the semi-finals of Wimbeldon twice consecutively (1961 and 1962) and reached as high as world no.6 in Lance Tangay’s amateur rankings.

He was also the first Indian to win the boys singles title in Wimbeldon. His son on the other hand, Ramesh Krishnan, won both Wimbeldon and the French Open in his junior career. He also defeated world no. 1, Mats Wilanderat the 1989 Australian Open.

With eight career titles, Junior Krishnan reached a highest ranking of 23 in January 1985.

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