5 weird sports you might have never heard of

Cheese Rolling: Contestants rolls down a hill to catch the cheese. First person to cross the finish line is the winner.
Cheese Rolling: Contestants rolls down a hill to catch the cheese. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner.
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Sports has no barriers to where it can take you. You must have heard of Baseball, Football, Cricket because of their mainstream presence and public affection, there are plenty of other sports which aren't as familiar. These games are not the revenue making marketing strategy. These sports are inventive and considering the kind of creative thinking that must have gone through in thinking up these sports, they are worth a mention. 

These sports are known for their imaginative thinking and the sheer brilliance that goes behind achieving the goals of the game. 

Some of them are played at the International level where countries participate with their best player or teams to decide the ultimate champion. Let's look at some of these hilarious and creative games played at the international venue.

Some of these sports have existed since the early 1970's and 80's, while some others date back to the time prior than that. Some starting in the early 2000's gained a massive following in very less time. Thanks to social media. While some sports gained cult status, others happily made it to the International Level.

#1 - Chess Boxing

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Chess Boxing

Chessboxing is an imaginative sport where chess and boxing happen simultaneously. It combines two different sports, a more physical Boxing and a cerebral board game, Chess. The competitors alternate between Chess and Boxing in 11 rounds to decide the winner ultimately. The first Chessboxing competition took place in Berlin, 2003. After receiving credit from FIDE in 2008, from where the Chessboxing community started growing at a rampant pace. In 2011, Chessboxing turned professional and took a worldwide turn. It is more common in India and other Asian countries. The sport, seen as a tradition in some villages is a common pass time for so many others.

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Published 20 Jun 2018
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