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A 4-0 win at the Ambedkar. Mission Impossible? Not quite!

Editor's Pick 24 Jul 2011, 16:28 IST

Pass and move. Tiki-Taka football. 8-0 wins to 2-1 wins, to select the best possible side, but twas all for not. The game ended before it even really  began, and due to some disastrous refereeing India were down  by 2 goals, and to nine men before the 30th minute. The match that was built up to be the biggest game of the evening was more like a small group of valiant soldiers defending the honour of their country against constant raids by the Arabs.

A slight push in the back carried on by the momentum and a slight dive warranted a red card for India Debabrata Roy. A keeper who stands his ground, and protects himself against a certain Ismail Al-Hammadi who seems to be quite accomplished as an actor, clutching his abdomen when the contact was with the elbow, gets sent off. Frequent elbows to Sunil Chhetri‘s head and chest is fair play. The referee should officiate a World Cup Final.

The past is however, the past and nothing can be done to change it, but lets look at the what can be done to change the future and the probable starters in the place of Subrata Paul and Debabrata Roy.

Karanjit Singh (Subrata Paul)

Goalkeeper Karanjit Singh.

This Punjabi Munda made quite a name for himself as the I-League champions Salgaocar’s goalkeeper. He made his international debut in the first leg of the game, when Subrata Paul was controversially red-carded. He went on to have a rather good game performing as many as 10 saves.

Robert Lalthalmuana(Debabrata Roy)

He is quick, very very quick and has great dribbling ability. He uses his body in shielding the ball quite effectively.  A potential game changer, he has all the traits of a world-class Full back.

Daniel Robert

Daniel Robert

The Indian team at a training session at The Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi.

The Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi is the venue for the second leg. The Indian team have attended a month long training camp here last moth and are quite used to the ground and the weather. Moreover, the ground is tailor made to suit Raju’s throw ins.

India after winning the 2009 edition of the Nehru Cup at the Ambedkar.

What we must look forward to is a goal fest and a full house. Sardar’s, Bengali’s, Marathi’s and Jats all coming together to support our one national team at a fortress Ambedkar. Drums, dhols, songs and a party atmosphere.

Kick-off at 6:30
28th July 2011

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