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Commentator banned for not using the term "Citi Moment of Success" in an entire over

Humor 24 Mar 2010, 09:00 IST

(a news spoof from our website)


Cricket commentator Danny Morrison has been banned from commentating on TV and flirting with cheerleaders for the next two editions of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He has been charged with a Level 47.12183 offence under the IPL Commentators’ Code of Conduct. He is said to have not used the term “Citi Moment of Success” even once in an entire over. This happened in the fifth over of the Marathi Manoos vs Chennai Churails match on Sunday.

The IPL lawyers have said that this has caused a loss of US$10mn to the IPL, and the sponsors CitiBank have lost at least 1,000,000 new customers in a single day.

Morrison has reportedly pleaded guilty to this offence. “When the umpire called the sixth ball of the over a wide ball, I wanted it to call it a Moment of Success. But at that very moment, I forgot whether its a DLF Moment of Success or a Citi Moment of Success. I got confused!! And I am glad I used neither; I would have been in a much bigger trouble, had I called it a DLF Moment of Success.”

Danny Morrison (far left) flirts with cheerleaders on TV

When asked about why he considered calling a wide ball a “Moment of Success”, Morrison said that the over had gone by without any successful moment, so he had to do it. “They want a Moment of Success every over. An insider told me that saying this once every over sends a cheque of a billion-something dollars and a bunch of naked cheerleaders to Lalit Modi’s bungalow every night, so we commentators have to do it, mate! Its our job!”

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(Sportskeeda in association with News That Matters Not, where this article was first published on March 22, 2010)

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