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Crowd Funding in Indian Sports

12 Mar 2011, 11:40 IST

The Crowd Funding approach is the one where the people unite and join hands for a single cause to help their players practice with proper resources. This is specifically meant for those under deprived of resources due to financial status.

The success of our boxers in recently concluded Beijing Olympics should be taken into account. Few Indian sportspersons exuded the kind of confidence the Bhiwani boxers exhibited before the Olympics. The exuberant Akhil Kumar, Vijender Kumar, and Jitender Kumar all did not have the basic requirements for practice so that they are in a position to represent India in International events. Had they got all the required materials who knows we might have got 3 more gold medals instead of just one Bronze. Time and again reports come where players are complaining about inadequate resources for their practice be it hockey, football, swimming, athletics or boxing.

Our hockey players only get chances to know how modern hockey is played only when they go out of the country. Forget about German and Holland, the kind of facility even Pakistan players get are much better than Indians. .If got a chance then one should go and see how players are playing hockey. Only one school in Orissa has produced many great hockey players (including Dilip Tircky) and that school it shelf has no proper playing ground, no coach etc and that is the story everywhere hockey is played throughout the country.

Do we have fund only to sponsor Mega events of Cricket like IPL, where money flows like river falling into an ocean? Why can’t we equally help others ports grow as well? Why can’t we give proper support to players “other than Cricket” by joining hands for a single cause? In recent Asian games AC Ashwini brought pride to India with her gold medal and hails from a small village of Idukki, Kerala. We have seen player rising even in absence of proper resources. So how bright that India would be when all players would be having proper resources and then going to represent India in International events.

It is sad to see the performance of Indians in the international sports. Of course there are some outstanding sports persons who raised our flag in international meets. But the performance of the country having more than 100Cr of people is very poor compared to many small nations with less population.

But the basic problem lies in here that we the Indians crib a lot over the problem instead trying to look for the solution. In my opinion this can be enhanced majorly by spectators. Some amount of money from each ticket should be sent to a fund made only for those who have got the talent but lack in financial support. Sports person don’t require huge funds for their practice, they just need some money to buy some specialized equipments and important training sessions. Apart from this some measures could be as follows

  • Individual funding through various NGO who help in catering this problem by promoting young talent in villages and cities.
  • Direct funding by joining hands to help build various sports complex fully equipped with all the resources and equipments.
  • Try to focus on other sports as well not just only on Cricket to promote it.


Tarun Avtar Arya,

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