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Do athletes have better luck playing games of chance?

Kaks Shah
178   //    25 Oct 2017, 23:35 IST

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Whether they are volleyball players, baseball players, football players, basketball players, etc. the vast majority of athletes are born risk-takers. Due to their affinity for risk-taking, among other traits, there is a popular belief that athletes may have a better chance at winning when they gamble.

Why, you ask?

Intense focus and strategy

Having an objective and devising a strategy is part and parcel of being a successful athlete. Sports stars have one goal, just like gamblers: to win. Achieving a victory takes more than just hoping for the best. It takes a plan of action and believing in your ability to attain your goal. The same can be said when it comes to gambling with a chance of winning.

Many athletes have developed a specific mindset in regard to playing their sport. Before the game starts, they know what they want to get out of it. This way of thinking may help improve the chances of winning. Gambling with a purpose and utilising a realistic playing strategy designed to complement your skills, may help you get the most out of your betting experience.

Calculated risk taking

Athletes tend to be calculated risk takers. They don't simply decide to take risks on a whim. The reason is the chances of failure are extremely high. Risk is added to the game when it makes sense. Clever competitors know that risk-taking is advantageous when there is a solid foundation of technique and tactics. Confidence is also key when it comes to risks that pay off.

Furthermore, in terms of gambling, calculated risk-taking involves more than just knowing betting odds and setting and respecting betting limits. It's also about knowing the best place to play to ensure the most rewarding experience. Online casinos like PlayOJO ensure a more gratifying experience by offering perks like no wagering requirements on bonuses and different reward opportunities for players.

Gut instinct to avoid bad plays

Whether it is sports or gambling, not every game is worth playing and any athlete worth his or her salt knows this to be true. The reality is that if your heart isn't in the game, you're unlikely to come out on top. The odds are stacked massively against you. A passionate volleyball player doesn't want to play baseball any more than a passionate card player wants to waste his/her time on slots. Bolstering skills bolsters success.

Although there are several factors that indicate athletes could have an improved probability of winning at games of chance, bear in mind that there is no scientific evidence to prove such a theory, no matter how many people believe it. Always remember that gambling is and will always be first and foremost, a game based on chance.

Just like in football, while understanding probability, knowing the rules of the game you play and experience can certainly help to improve your odds of success. Ultimately, whether you win or lose gambling is mostly about how lucky you are.

Kaks Shah
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